Autumn 2009

Date Topic Felicitator
23 Sept Organizational meeting Comrades
30 Sept Formal Systems: Combinatory Logic and λ-calculus
Curry Introduction
Curry Chapter 1
Curry Chapter 3
Seldin Chapter 2
Andy Plummer
07 Oct Introduction to Haskell Dominic Espinosa
14 Oct Introduction to category theory for functional programming Andy Plummer
21 Oct More category theory for functional programming
Monads for Functional Programming [Wadler 1992]
Pat Reidy
28 Oct Monads in Haskell
Kleisli Triple Slides
Dominic Espinosa
04 Nov Variable-free Mayhem Dennis Mehay
11 Nov Veterans' Day
18 Nov Introduction to Continuations
Continuations: A Mathematical Semantics for Handling Full Jumps
[Strachey and Wadsworth 2000]
Carl Pollard
Scott Martin
25 Nov Introduction to Findlay
de groote slides Combining Montague semantics and discourse representation
[Muskens 1996]
Carl Pollard
Scott Martin
02 Dec DRT --++ Scott Martin et. al.