Studies in African Linguistics
Recent Contents

Vol. 37.2   2008

Michael Kenstowicz:

On the Origin of Tonal Classes in Kinande Noun Stems

Michael R. Marlo:  Tura Verbal Tonology

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Vol. 37.1   2008

Rose O. Aziza:

Neutralization of Contrast in the Vowel System of Urhobo

Mohamed Lahrouchi:

A Templatic Approach to Gemination in the Imperfective Stem of
Tashlhiyt Berber

Benson Oduor Ojwang’: Encoding Polar Questions in Dholuo
Nashipu Julius Pepandze:  A Generative Account of Consonant Alternations in Baba 1

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Vol. 36.2   2007

Oladiipo Ajiboye:

Mid-toned and high-toned elements in Yoruba

Maarten Kossmann:

The borrowing of aspects as lexical tone classes: y-initial Tuareg verbs in Tasawaq (Northern Songhay)

Penou-Achille Some: Polysemie du verbe « manger » chez les dagara du burkina faso : description et interpretation

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Vol. 36.1   2007

Nana Aba Appiah Amfo:

Noun phrase and clausal connectives in Akan

Ethelbert E. Kari:

The pronominal system of Odual

Torben Andersen: Kurmuk phonology

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Vol. 35.2   2006

Robert Botne

Motion, time, and tense: on the grammaticization of come and go to future markers in Bantu

Joyce T. Mathangwane & E. Kweku Osam:

Grammatical relations in Ikalanga

Ronald P. Schaefer & Francis O. Egbokhare: On Emai vbi verbs

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Vol. 35.1   2006

Boniface Kawasha

The Structure Of Complement Clauses In Lunda

David Odden

Topics In Taita Tone II

Mary Paster Aspects Of Maay Phonology And Morphology

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Vol. 34.2   2005

Koen Bostoen

A Diachronic Onomasiological Approach To Early Bantu Oil Palm Vocabulary

François-Xavier Fauvelle-Aymar

Four Wordlists Of Extinct Cape Khoekhoe From The 18th Century

Charles Marfo and Adams Bodomo Information Structuring In Akan Question-Word Fronting And Focus Constructions

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Vol. 34.1   2005

G. Tucker Childs        

The S-Aux-O-V-Other Syntagm In Atlantic

Peter Kinyua Muriungi

Wh-Questions In Kitharaka 

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Vol. 33.2   2004

Torben Andersen

Jumjum Phonology

Chris Collins

The Absence Of The Linker In Double Object Constructions In N|uu

Margaret Dunham

On The Verbal System In Langi, A Bantu Language Of Tanzania (F.33)

Eileen Kilpatrick & Leoma Gilley

The Importance Of Word Order In Explaining Tone Patterns In Avokaya Verbs

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Vol. 33.1   2004

Michael Cahill

Tone Polarity in Konni Nouns

Ursula Drolc

A Diachronic Analysis of Ndut Vowel Harmony

Flavien Gbeto

Esquisse de la tonologie synchronique du wemegbe, dialecte gbe du Sud-benin

Rose Letsholo

Clausal And DP-Internal Agreement In Ikalanga

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Vol. 32.2   2003

Rose O. Aziza

Tonal Alternations In the Urhobo Noun Phrase

Motingea Mangulu

Esquisse de l'egbuta: une langue en passe d'extinction au nord du congo-kinshasa

Aimee Johansen

Why Kiswahili Adopted The Words for Six, Seven and Nine

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Vol. 32.1   2003

Shirley Yul-Ifode

Vowel Harmony And Vowel Merger In Agoi

Mary Paster

Floating Tones in Ga

Ronald P. Schaefer & Francis O. Egbokhare

On The Properties Of Emai's khi Copula Construction

Anne Storch

Dynamics Of Interacting Populations: Language Contact In The Lwoo Languages of Bahr El-Ghazal

Michael Kenstowicz

Review article: The role of perception in loanword phonology. A review of Les emprunts linguistiques europeenne en Fon

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