Courses related to language acquisition, 2013-present

Click here to see a few of the courses offered back when we were still on the quarter system.

Current Academic Year
Semester Course number Instructor(s) Topic
Autumn 2015 EDUTL 8610 Leslie Moore Second Language Acquisition (an overview of theories and research)
Autumn 2015 Psychology 4554 Laura Wagner Language Development (covers first language acquisition primarily)
Autumn 2015 EDUTL 8890 Laura Justice Advanced Seminar in Reading and Literacy in Early and Middle Childhood: Research on Vocabulary Development and Instruction
Autumn 2015 Slavic 8802 Ludmila Isurin Language and memory: The bilingual perspective
Prior Academic Years
Semester Course number Instructor(s) Topic
Spring 2015 Spanish 8320 John Grinstead Spanish Psycholinguistics (focus on child language acquisition)
Autumn 2014 Speech & Hearing 3330 Deena Schwen & Monique Mills Language Acquisition
Autumn 2014 Speech & Hearing 6725 Allison Ellawadi Language Acquisition and Early Intervention in Language Disorders

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