Courses related to language acquisition, 2007-2012
Quarter Course number Instructor(s) Topic
Spring 2012 Speech & Hearing 950.10 Rebecca McCauley Seminar (advanced topics): Childhood Apraxia of Speech
Autumn 2010 Psych 847 Laura Wagner Language development
Spring 2010 Spanish 837 John Grinstead Studies in Spanish psycholingusitics (semantics/pragmatics)
Spring 2010 Psych 554 Laura Wagner Language Acquisition
Spring 2009 Ling 795.10 Mary Beckman & Peter Culicover Seminar on language acquisition
Autumn 2008 Psych 847 Laura Wagner Language development
Winter 2008 Psych 842.01 Laura Wagner Conceptual foundations of language acquisition
Autumn 2007 to Winter 2008 Ling 825 followed by Ling 821 Cynthia Clopper & Beth Hume Advanced phonetics/phonology seminar sequence on L2 phonetics and phonology

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