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9th International Conference on Greek Linguistics



REGISTRATION FEE: The registration fee for the conference is $80 (roughly 55 euros). We have decided to waive that fee entirely for students. But all non-students (i.e. postdoctoral researchers, all faculty members, all independent scholars, etc.) are expected to pay the $80 registration fee.

This fee (and this holds for the students as well) covers snacks at the Thursday reception, a catered lunch on Saturday, and coffee/tea/muffins throughout the conference, as well as all conference materials (folder, program, and such). In addition, for nonstudents, the $80 fee covers the conference dinner on Friday night. For students who want to attend the conference dinner, there will be a supplemental fee of $30 (this covers both the food and the buses we're renting to get everyone to the dinner site).

We understand that this presents added costs to you, but we feel (and hope that you agree!) that you are getting something tangible for your money as well as helping the conference take place. Further, we note that this fee is far less than at most other conferences of a comparable size and scope, and less than at recent ICGLs.

There is no need for preregistration and thus we offer no incentive for early payment. Rather, we expect that you will pay the fee at the conference site itself when you arrive. You can pay in one of three ways:

1. cash (US dollars only)

2. personal check in US dollars drawn on a US bank (if you have a US bank account)

3. traveler's check

All checks should be made out to "University of Chicago (ICGL)".

We regret that we cannot take credit cards. However, the following information about ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) may be useful: Most European bank-issued debit cards and all cards (credit or debit) with a VISA or Mastercard logo will allow you to withdraw US dollars from ATMs in the United States, including the ones at the airports you will arrive at. You may be charged a small fee (usually $2-$3 per transaction) for the service, but you will generally receive a much better exchange rate than at a bank counter or a currency exchange booth. If you withdraw $100 today, for example, your account or credit card will be debited with 68.03 Euros (since the interbank exchange rate today is $1.00=1.47Euro). The ATM does the conversion for you.