Studies in African Linguistics
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/-a-/ reduction phenomena in Luyia Gerard M. Dalgish 17: 155-76
À propos de l'harmonie vocalique en OkpE Georges Herault 20: 339-61
Abstract analysis and Bantu reconstruction: a Luganda example Marion R. Johnson 5: 325-37
Accent in the Central Somali nominal system Douglas Biber 13: 1-10
Accent modification rules in Luganda John Kalema 8: 127-41
Acoustic analysis of vowels and diphthongs in Cairo Arabic Kjell Norlin Supp. 9: 238-44
An acoustic and phonological study of pre-pausal length in Hausa Roxana Ma Newman & Vincent J. van Heuven Supp. 8: 95-99
Acoustic cues for the perception of tones of disyllabic nouns in Edo Victor E. Omozuwa 22: 135-56
The 'adjective' in some African languages Claude Hagège Supp. 5: 125-34
Adjectives and adjectivalization processes in Edo Thomas O. Omoruyi 17: 283-302
African language usage in the classroom, reported and observed Dianne C. Bowcock Supp. 9: 33-8
The Afrikaner and his language Yvette Stoops l0: 313-16
Against vowel length in Tigrinya Eugene Buckley 26.1: 63-102
Agreement and Fula pronouns Christopher Culy 25.1: 1-27
The agreement of nominal predicates in Luganda Martin Mould 2: 25-36
Akan vowel harmony: the word structure conditions and the floating vowels John M. Stewart 14: 111-39
An alternative to lexical insertion for Yoruba complex nouns S. Ayotunde Ekundayo 7: 233-60
The analysis of Bambara polarization David J. Dwyer Supp. 6: 27-38
The analysis of complex phonetic elements in Bura and the syllable Ian Maddieson 14: 285-310
Anatomy of the tonal system of a Bantu language Cheryl L. Austen Supp. 5: 21-34
'And what about ...?' — topicalisation in Hausa Philip Jaggar 9: 69-81
Animacy, objects and clitics in SeSotho Malillo Morolong and Larry M. Hyman 8: 199-218
Animate concord in northeast coastal Bantu: its linguistic and social impli-cations as a case of grammatical convergence Benji Wald 6: 267-314
Another look at meta-rules and "family universals" Robert K. Herbert 9: 143-65
The appendix in parametric phonology Monik Charette Supp. 9: 49-53
The applied suffix in Swahili Robert F. Port 12: 71-82
The Arabic doubled verb conspiracy and morpheme invariance Grover Hudson Supp. 9: 141-45
Arvee-three: the meaning of an Igbo verbal suffix Michael C. Onwuemene Supp. 8: 103-6
Aspects of Avatime phonology Russell G. Schuh 24.1: 31-67
Aspects of Bandi tonology Robert Mugele and Michael Rodewald 22: 103-34
Aspects of morphological and syntactic divergence in Lango and Acholi Edith L. Bavin 13: 231-48
Aspects of the phonology of labial-velar stops Michael Cahill 28.2: 155-84
Associative tone and syllable structure in Asante Twi Lynette Nyaggah Supp. 6: 191-9
[ATR] harmony in Turkana Manuela Noske 25.1: 61-99
ATR vowel harmony in Akposso Coleen G. Anderson 28.2: 185-214
An autosegmental accentual account of Luganda tone Larry M. Hyman Supp. 8: 64-8
Autosegmental Babanki Gary M. Gilligan Supp. 9: 119-22
Auxiliary focus Larry M. Hyman and John R. Watters 15: 233-73
Avatime noun classes and concord Russell G. Schuh 24.2: 123-49


Bade/Ngizim vowels and syllable structure Russell G. Schuh 9: 245-81
Bantu -a-: the far past in the far past John Goldsmith Supp. 9: 123-7
Bantu and its closest relatives Joseph Greenberg Supp. 5: 115-18
Bantu lexical classes and semantic universals (with some remarks on how not to write phonological rules) Frank Heny 3: 207-58
The Bondei object pronoun in clefts and pseudo-clefts Elizabeth G. Weber 19: 233-57
Borrowed logophoricity? Zygmunt Frajzyngier Supp. 9: 114-18
Boundary tones and the phonetic implementation of tone in Chichewa Scott Myers 25.1: 29-60


Case complexes in Swahili W. H. Whiteley 3: 1-46
Causative constructions in Yoruba Carol Lord Supp. 5: 195-204
Causatives, transitivity and objecthood in Kimeru Kathryn Speed Hodges Supp. 7: 113-25
Chadic extensions and pre-dative verb forms in Hausa Paul Newman 8: 275-97
Characteristics of Omotic tone: Shinasha (Borna) Ashenafi Tesfaye and Klaus Wedekind 21: 347-68
Chronogenetic staging of tense in Ruhaya John Hewson, Derek Nurse and Henry Muzale 29.2: 33-56
Class 5 allomorphy in Ciyao Armindo S.A. Ngunga 26.2: 165-92
The classification of the Masa group of languages Aaron Shyrock 26.1: 29-62
Cleft constructions H.F. Hailu Supp. 9: 128-34
A closer look at short high vowels in Hausa Benedicte Chorier and Nicholas Faraclas Supp. 8: 9-12
Color terms and lexical classes in Krahn/Wobé Janet Mueller Bing 22: 277-96
A comment on "rule inversion in Chadic: a reply" Russell G. Schuh 5: 279-80
A comparative and historical study of locative-based periphrastic verbal forms in Fula dialects Josh Ard 10: 119-58
Comparative notes on past tenses in Kenyan northeast Bantu languages Benji Wald Supp. 6: 267-81
Comparative reconstruction of Mandekan Kent Bimson 7: 295-354
Comparison in Bambara: an infinitival verb phrase Jan Charles-Luce 17: 199-212
Complex verbs in Nupe and Yoruba Isaac S. George Madugu 16: 295-321
Compounding into: the dynamics of a closed pidgin Philip A. Noss Supp. 7: 185-97
The conditional particle ka in Waama (Bénin) Jennifer Rowe 22: 297-314
Conjoined and stacked restrictive clauses: deep and not-so-deep constraints in light of Luganda data Livingstone Walusimbi and Talmy Givón 1: 157-84
Consonant alternation in Fula Royal Skousen 3: 77-96
Consonant gradation in Fula suffixes: the ugly truth Donald G. Churma 19: 35-74
The consonant inventory of Proto-Eastern Cushitic Christopher Ehret 22: 211-75
Consonant mutation in Sereer-Siin Fiona McLaughlin 23: 279-314
Consonant types, vowel height and tone in Yoruba Jean-Marie Hombert 8: 173-9
Contextual labialization in Nawuri Roderic F. Casali 21: 319-46
Contrast preservation in Yoruba Robert W. Wilkinson 7: 65-92
Coreference and logophoricity in Gokana Larry M. Hyman and Bernard Comrie Supp. 8: 69-73
Coreferent pronominalization in Diré Songhai John P. Hutchison 2: 83-104
Cost accounting vs. explanation: a reply to a reply Frank Heny 3: 433-43
A counter example to Bach's "question" Eyamba G. Bokamba Supp. 5: 49-66
Cross River as a model for the evolution of Benue-Congo nominal class/concord systems Nicholas Faraclas 17: 39-54


D'ou vient le ton haut du Bamileke-fe/fe/? Larry M. Hyman Supp. 6: 123-34
Defining the domain of nasality in Edo Matt. Osayaba Aikhionbare 20: 301-15
Dentality, areal features, and phonological change in northeastern Bantu Derek Nurse 16: 243-79
Dependency relations in syntax: the mysterious case of the empty determiner in Aghem Larry M. Hyman Supp. 9: 151-6
Dependent modals, performatives, facti-vity, Bantu subjunctives and what not Talmy Givón 2: 61-82
Derivation and simplification by adolescent Dioula speakers Gayle Partman 5: 101-16
The derivation of Igbo verb bases William E. Welmers 1: 49-59
The destruction of tonal structure in Mende Elizabeth Cowper and Keren Rice Supp. 9: 57-62
The development of case and focus in Umbundu Thilo C. Schadeberg Supp. 9: 282-4
A diachronic-tonological analysis of certain rank shifted verbal structures in Northern Sotho Dann Lombard 9: 317-26
Differences de comportement et rapports entre consonne finale de radical CVC et consonne initiale de suffixe en Moore Norbert Nikiema 18: 117-74[Errata 18:
Les diphtongues cachées du Vata Jonathan D. Kaye 12: 225-43
Direct and reported speech in Tikar narrative Carol Stanley 13: 31-52
Discourse distances and the Swahili demonstratives Timothy Wilt 18: 81-95
Discourse strategies in Pulaar: the use of focus Sonja Fagerberg 14: 141-57
Distinctive nasality in Kwawu: a prosodic account Outi Bat-El 19: 173-203
The diversity of Juba Arabic Eluzai M. Yokwe Supp. 9: 323-8
Dogon pronominal systems: their nature and evolution Christopher Culy, Koungarma Kodio & Patrice Togo 23: 315-44
Double negation and negative shift in Kinyarwanda Alexandre Kimenyi l0: 179-96
Doublets in Kinyarwanda: an inquiry into the process of sign-production Alexandre Kimenyi Supp. 9: 181-5
Downdrift and rule ordering John M. Clifton 7: 175-94
Downstep displacement in Kikuyu (abstract) Kevin C. Ford and G.N. Clements 9: 327-9
Downstep in Pari: the tone system of a western Nilotic language Torben Andersen 19: 261-315
Downstep in the Kipare verb complex Deborah Schlindwein Supp. 9: 285-9
Downstep in Supyire Robert Carlson 14: 35-45
Downstep, downdrift, and diacritics Jerry Larson Supp. 2: 171-82


Egyptian Arabic and English nativization process Atteya Yussif El-Noory Supp. 9: 100-4
Les emplois du curseur koo en Hawsa Mohaman Bachir Attouman 16: 135-60
Empty operator raising in Kitharaka Carolyn Harford 26.2: 111-29
Epenthesis, mutation, and structure preservation in the Shona causative Scott Myers 23: 185-216
Ergativity and the active-stative typology in Loma Noel Rude 14: 265-83
An ethnolinguistic study of Hausa epithets Charles H. Kraft Supp. 6: 135-46

Ethnonyms in Hausa

Evidence for head raising in Kiswahili relative clauses

Paul Newman

Deo Ngonyani





Evidence for object-verb ordering in Chadic Donald A. Burquest 12: 87-9
Existence and possession in Bisa Tony Naden 13: 211-14
An experimental study of Yoruba tone Carl LaVelle Supp. 5: 169-84
Explaining Hausa feminines Paul Newman 10: 197-226
The expression of negation in Egyptian colloquial Arabic (eca) Hany Amin Azer Supp. 9: 15-18


Factivity, presupposition and the relativised predicate in Krio Dudley K. Nylander 16: 323-36
Final vowel shortening in Luganda Larry M. Hyman and Francis X. Katamba 21: 1-59
Le fini/l'infini ou l'affirmation/ l'interro-gation en Moba (langue Voltaique parlée au Nord-Togo) Annie Rialland Supp. 9: 258-61
Floating tones and contour tones in Kenyang David Odden 19: 1-34
Floating tones, shifting rules, and downstep in Dschang-Bamileke Maurice Tadadjeu Supp. 5: 283-90
Focus and question formation in Edo Thomas O. O¢mo¢ruyi 20: 279-300
Focus and relativization: the case of Kihung'an Alexis Takizala 3: 259-88
Focus and the scope of assertion: some Bantu evidence Talmy Givón 6: 185-206
Focus in Oromo Baye Yimam 19: 365-84
Focus in the Rendille clause Antoinette Oomen 9: 35-67
Formal correlates of focussing in Kimatuumbi David Odden 15: 275-99
The fortis feature in Jju (Kaje): an initial study Norris P. McKinney 15: 177-88
A four-term person system and its ramifications David J. Clark 3: 97-106
From consonants to downstep in Podoko Stephen C. Anderson & Jeanette Swackhamer 12: 131-53
From Proto-Benue-Congo to Proto-Bantu noun classes Jean-Marie Hombert Supp. 8: 55-8
A functional explanation for the ni!- NP construction in Yoruba Ore Yusuf Supp. 9: 329-34


Gemination and spirantization in Berber: diachrony and synchrony Jilali Saib 5: 1-26
Gender agreement in Chichewa Greville G. Corbett and Alfred D. Mtenje 18: 1-38
Generational language shift and linguistic diversity measures: a Kenya case Philip A.S. Sedlak 6: 65-76
Genetic relationship and the case of Ma'a (Mbugu) Sarah G. Thomason 14: 195-231
Grades, vowel-tone classes and extensions in the Hausa verbal system Paul Newman 4: 297-346
Grammatical tone neutralization in Kinyarwanda Alexandre Kimenyi 9: 301-15
Grammaticalisation de la structure Infinitif + Verbe conjugue dans quelques langues bantoues Pascal Hadermann 25.2: 155-69
Gumuz, Koman, Mao, and Omotic M. Lionel Bender Supp. 9: 19-21


Hausa disyllabic verbs: comments on base forms and extensions Graham Furniss 12: 97-129
The Hausa negative markers Paul Newman 2: 183-96
The Hausa particle ko: an uncertainty modality Laura F. Meyers 5: 247-64
Hausa vowels and diphthongs Mona Lindau-Webb 16: 161-82
Head-initial meets head-final: nominal suffixes in eastern and southern Bantu from a historical perspective Tom Guldemann 28.1: 49-91
Heny vs. Givón: Pardon may I cut in? Patrick R. Bennett 4: 219-22
Hierarchies of natural topic in Shona Annie Hawkinson and Larry Hyman 5: 147-70
High tone doubling in two Makua dialects Chin-Chuan Cheng and Charles W. Kisseberth Supp. 8: 5-8
His and hers morphology: the strange case of Tarok possessives J. O. Skip Robinson Supp. 6: 201-9
The historical development of southwestern Mande consonants David J. Dwyer 5: 59-94
Historical evidence for abstract phonological analyses David Odden 12: 219-22

The history of Hausa nasals

The history of the middle in Dogon

Russell G. Schuh

Christopher Culy and Sarah M. B. Fagan

Supp. 6




Hlonipha — the women's language of avoidance among the Xhosa Rosalie Finlayson Supp. 8: 25-8
Homonymy versus unity of form: the particle -a in Swahili Annie K. Hawkinson 10: 81-l09
How Igbo got from SOV serializing to SVO compounding Carol Lord Supp. 7: 145-55
Hypothese du morpheme verbal discontinu -id-e Geoffrey Rugero, Nkiko Munya et Kabange Mukala 18: 299-308
Hypotheses concerning the phonetic and functional origins of tone displacement in Zulu Daniel Silverman 29.2: 1-32


The ideophone as a syntactic category in the southern Bantu languages C.T.D. Marivate Supp. 9: 210-14
Ideophones defined as a phonological class: the case of Yoruba Karen Courtenay Supp. 6: 13-26
Idiosyncratic suprasegmental processes in Mende David J. Dwyer 9: 331-91
Igbo adjectives as morphophonologized relatives Omen N. Maduka-Durunze 21: 237-50
Igbo tonology William E. Welmers 1: 255-78
Igbo verb compounds and the lexicon Carol Lord 6: 23-48
Implications for universal grammar of object-creating rules in Luyia and Mashi Judith Olmsted Gary Supp. 7: 85-95
Implosives as liquids Jonathan D. Kaye Supp. 8: 78-81
In defence of the skeletal tier R.J. Hayward 19: 131-72
In favor of a higher cause Beatrice Jones Supp. 2: 19-46
Inaccessibility and demotional nominal marking in Iraqw Gerard M. Dalgish 9: 283-97
Inalienable possession in Sotho Erhard F.K. Voeltz Supp. 6: 255-66
The"indigenous versus foreign" contro-versy about the sources of Swahili vocabulary Derek Nurse Supp. 9: 245-50
Indirect objects in SiSwati Videa P. De Guzman 18: 309-25
The infinitive in Kinyarwanda Geoffrey Rugege Supp. 8: 111-14
The influence of Arabic on the syntax of Swahili discourse Benji Wald Supp. 9: 315-17
L'influence des consonnes sur les tons en dagara: langue voltaique du Burkina Faso Penou-Achille Some 27.1: 3-47
L'information segmentale necessaire à l'élaboration des règles tonales de l'Adioukrou Georges Herault Supp. 8: 51-4
An integrated analysis of Swahili augmentative-diminutives Kenneth N. Shepardson 13: 53-76
The interaction of segmental and tonal levels: the case of [?] in Temne Julie F. Nemer and Keith Wm. Mountford 15: 107-61
Interaction of tone, syntax and semantics in the acquisition of Chichewa negation Moira Chimombo and Al Mtenje 20: 103-50
Internal evidence for final vowel lowering in Hausa Paul Newman 21: 251-5
The interpretation of tone in Principense Creole Anthony Traill and Luiz Ferraz 12: 205-15
Intonation in Chadic languages William R. Leben Supp. 9: 191-5
The intonation system of Isoko Shirley Donwa-Ifode Supp. 9: 83-9
Is there a passive in Dholuo? Eunita D.A. Ochola 28.1: 31-48



The Kanuri associative postposition: a case for subordination John P. Hutchison 11: 321-51
Khoisan consonants and phonological universals Anthony Traill Supp. 8: 134-6
Kilba equational sentences Russell G. Schuh 14: 311-26
Kinga: a restricted tone system Thilo C. Schadeberg 4: 23-48
KiSwahili diglossia in Kenya: implications for language policy Carol M. Eastman Supp. 8: 20-21
Kiujamaa: notes on political language Magdalena Hauner Supp. 8: 46-50


Language and politics in South Africa Rachel Angogo 9: 211-21
Language contact and grammatical inter-ference: Hausa and Zarma in Niamey, Niger Jennifer J. Yanco Supp. 9: 318-22
Language planning and onomastics in Zaire Tshimpaka Yanga 9: 233-44
Language resource project David Dwyer and Kay Irish 13: 215-16
Language typology and reconstruction: the pre-nasalized stops of Kisi G. Tucker Childs 23: 65-80
Language universals and syntactic changes in Swahili as a second language Carol Myers Scotton Supp. 9: 290-92
Length and syllable structure in Hausa William R. Leben Supp. 7: 137-43

Length and syllable weight in Ibibio


Eno-Abasi E. Urua







Lexical extraprosidicity in Chilungu Lee S. Bickmore and Michael T. Boyle 24.2: 85-121
Lexical nominalizability restriction in Yoruba S. Ayotunde Ekundayo Supp. 7: 43-51
Lexicalist hypothesis and Hausa Dauda M. Bagari 2: 197-216
Lexicalizing directional and nondirectional motion in Emai Ronald P. Schaefer 17: 177-98

The lexicostatistic base of Bennett and Sterk's reclassification of Niger-Congo with particular reference to the cohesion of Bantu

Les séries verbales en baoulé: Questions de morphosyntaxe et des sémantique

Thilo C. Schadeberg


Jérémie Kouadio N'Guessan







Lines on the classification of Ethiopian-Semitic Jack Fellman 25.2: 205-06
Linguistic performances as subjective measures — some findings and implications Carol Myers Scotton Supp. 7: 199-210
Linkless clauses in Bantu Alexandre Kimenyi Supp. 8: 85-9
Loanwords and MSC's in Oshikwanyama Aleksandra Steinbergs Supp. 9: 293-7
Local and metrical tone shift in Nguni Laura Downing 21: 261-317
Locative phrases and alternative concord in Tshiluba Susan U. Stucky 9: 107-19
Locatives in Bangangte-Bamileke Jan Voorhoeve 5: 205-22
Low tone raising in Hausa: a critical assessment Paul Newman and Philip Jaggar 20: 227-51
LTR: a reply to Schuh Paul Newman and Philip Jaggar 20: 263-4


The ma- prefix in Afroasiatic Karen Lahaie Supp. 9: 186-90
Maasai gender in typological perspective Doris L. Payne 27.2: 159-75
The magical number two: Bantu pronouns and the theory of nominalization Talmy Givón 1: 279-300
Majang nominal plurals, with comparative notes Peter Unseth 19: 75-91
The Margi vowel system and labiocoronals Ian Maddieson 18: 327-55
The marking of grammatical relations in Swahili Mayrene Bentley 27.2: 177-97
Mende tone David J. Dwyer 2: 117-30
The metrico-syllabic approach: evidence in Kinyarwanda Paul Sauvageau Supp. 9: 275-81
Microcomputers and African research Gerard M. Dalgish Supp. 9: 69-71
Migration theory, the northeastern coastal Bantu and the Shungwaya hypothesis Philip Sedlak Supp. 7: 211-21
La modalité d'incompatibilité-dominance in Hawsa: i~na!a X i~na!a Y Mohaman Bachir Attouman 18: 239-48
The modifying serial construction: a critique Oladele Awobuluyi 4: 87-112
The modifying serial construction: a reply Ayo Bamgbose 4: 207-18
Mood and aspect in Karang Edward H. Ubels 14: 195-231
More on nasals and nasalization in Kwa Kay Williamson 4: 115-38
Morpheme alternation in Tangale: a syllable structure approach Mairo Kidda Supp. 9: 173-80
Morphological palatalization in southern Bantu: a reply to segmental fusion Robert K. Herbert 8: 143-71
Morphological stratification in Dinka: on the alternations of voice quality, vowel length, and tone in the morpho-logy of transitive verbal roots in a mono-syllabic language Torben Andersen 23: 1-64
Morphologically based agreement in Swahili Karl H. Reynolds and Carol M. Eastman 20: 63-77
Morphology of the gerund in Degema and its reconstruction in Proto-Edoid Ben Ohi Elugbe 15: 77-89
Morphophonemics of Swahili verb suffixes Robert F. Port & Kenneth Shepardson 13: 249-71
Motion in Tswana and its characteristic lexicalization Ronald P. Schaefer 16: 57-87
A multi-tiered approach to Silt'i verb morphology Ernst-August Gutt 16: 183-222


Nasal consonant harmony at a distance: the case of Yaka Larry M. Hyman 24.1: 5-30
Nasality in Gbe: a synchronic interpretation Hounkpatin C. Capo 12: 1-43
Nasals and nasalization in Kwa Larry M. Hyman 3: 167-206
The natural history of Meinhof's law in Bantu Marion R. Johnson 10: 261-71
NCs in Moghamo: prenasalized onsets or heterosyllabic clusters? Roderic F. Casali 24.2: 151-66
Nè … ba marking in Lele: a cleft construction Pamela Simons 13: 217-29
A new analysis of the Krio cleft predicate Dudley K. Nylander Supp. 9: 251-3
A new formalization of downdrift Ann M. Peters 4: 139-54
A new look at the predicating particles in Hausa John Bryson Eulenberg 2: 105-16
Niger-Congo noun class and agreement systems in historical and acquisition perspective Katherine Demuth, Nicholas Faraclas & Lynell Marchese Supp. 9: 78-82
Niger-Congo noun class markers: prefixes, suffixes, both or neither Joseph Greenberg Supp. 7: 97-104

Nilo-Saharan k - as a stage III article

Njerep: A postcard from the edge

Joseph Greenberg H.

Bruce A. Connell and David Zeitlyn

Supp. 8





Nominal relations in systemic dependency grammar Jonathan Owens 19: 317-63
Nominative/agreement complementarity and VSO order in standard Arabic Hagit Borer and Laurice Tuller Supp. 9: 27-32
The non-correlation of tone and vowel height in Hausa Paul Newman 6: 207-13
A non-transformational account of serial verbs Paul Schachter Supp. 5: 253-70
On non-transformational rule extension in Kanakuru Grover Hudson 15: 215-23
A nonlinear approach to vowel length in Kimatuumbi David Odden Supp. 8: 99-102
A note on double negation marking in Sissala Regina Blass 14: 329-30
A note on downstep in Yala (Ikom) Robert G. Armstrong 3: 423-6
A note on global rules in Banbubangu tone A.E. Meeussen 5: 95-100
A note on Hausa plurals Donald A. Burquest 20: 265-78
A note on lateral fricatives in Chadic Charles H. Kraft 2: 271-81
A note on subject clitics in Akan Richard Campbell 27.1: 49-66
A note on subject postposing Talmy Givón 3: 289-300
A note on the base form of the Hausa verb Dauda M. Bagari and William R. Leben 6: 239-48
A note on the Hausa voiceless labials Bello Ahmad Salim 11: 257-60
A note on the kinship system of Kenya Luo William M. Jr. Christie 14: 331-4
A note on tone and the abstractness controversy Victoria Fromkin Supp. 6: 47-62
A note on tone in Tiv conjugation James D. McCawley 1: 123-30
Notes on constructions with ín (4 ) John B. Callender 2: 1-24

Notes on the history of southwestern Mande

Notes on tense and aspect in the Ijesa dialect of Yoruba

Larry M. Hyman

Felix Abidemi Fabunmi





Noun class levelling in Bamileke Larry M. Hyman, Erhard F. K. Voeltz & Georges Tchokokam 1: 185-210
The noun classes and concord of Congo Copperbelt Swahili Kabuya Nkulu 28.1: 93-108
Noun classification in Wolof: when affixes are not renewed Fiona McLaughlin 26.1: 1-28
The noun prefix in Ewe Herbert Stahlke Supp. 2: 141-60
The noun prefix in Yoruba Herbert Stahlke Supp. 6: 243-53
Nupe tonology Isaac George 1: 100-122


o epenthesis: a positional treatment of Swahili pronominal clitics Camillia N. Keach Supp. 9: 163-7
Object agreement and topicality hierarchies in Kiyaka Lukowa Kidima 18: 175-209
Object clitic pronouns in Bantu and the topicality hierarchy Alessandro Duranti 10: 31-45
Objects in Gokana Donna Wagner Supp. 9: 304-8
An observation of vowel contraction in Xhosa Paul K. Aoki 5: 223-42

Observations on the immediate dominance constraint,topicalization and relativization

Observations on Kunama tone

Eyamba G. Bokamba

John Abraha Ashkaba, Bruce A. Connell, and Richard J. Hayward






Omotic as a branch of Afroasiatic Harold C. Fleming Supp. 5: 81-94
On "the subject concord prefix" in Yoruba Oladele Awobuluyi 6: 215-38
On certain nominal patterns in Tigrinya Jean Lowenstamm and Jean-François Prunet Supp. 9: 203-9
On core syllables in modern Arabic dialects Michael Kenstowicz Supp. 9: 168-72
On cost accounting in lexical structure: a reply to Frank Heny Talmy Givón 3: 427-42
On meta-rules in phonology Francis Katamba 8: 33-47
On reconstructing the modified base of Bantu verbs Martin Mould 3: 107-26
On the correlation of tone and vowel height in Hausa: a reply to Newman Nina Pilszczikowa-Chodak 6: 315-21
On the description of consonant gradation in Fula Stephen R. Anderson 7: 93-136
On the development of the verb infinitive phrase in Yoruba Yiwola Awoyale 14: 71-1
On the dynamics of velarization and labialization: some Bantu evidence Fritz Ponelis 5: 27-58
On the evolution of the tense marker na in Eastern Bantu (summary) Benji Wald Supp. 8: 142-4
On the high non-expanded vowels in Yoruboid Hounkpatin B.C. Capo 16: 103-21
On the interaction of phonology and morphology: a Chi-mwi:ni example Charles W. Kisseberth & Mohammad Imam Abasheikh 7: 31-40
On the intransitive copy pronouns in Chadic Zygmunt Frajzyngier Supp. 7: 73-84
On the justification for language-specific sub-grammatical relations Gerard M. Dalgish and Gloria Sheintuch 8: 219-40
On the nature of the Bambara tone system Karen Courtenay 5: 303-24
On the productivity of derivational mor-phology and lexical representation: manner adverbs in Luganda Martin Mould Supp. 7: 175-83
On the reality of vowel coalescence in Yoruba Oladele Awobuluyi Supp. 9: 11-14
On the scope of the serial verb construction in Yoruba Olasope Oyelaran 13: 109-46
On the scope of the serial verb construction in Yoruba Olasope Oyelaran Supp. 8: 106-10
On the similarities between interrogatives and emphatics in Kikuyu and English Amy Myers Supp. 2: 11-18
On the similarity between nominal adjec-tives and possessive forms in Kihungan Alexis Takizala Supp. 5: 291-305
On the so-called reversing tonal system of Chiluba:a case for restructuring Marcel van Spaandonck 2: 131-44
On the SOV reconstruction of southern Nilotic: internal evidence from Toposa Talmy Givón Supp. 6: 73-93
On the syntax of possessor raising in Swahili Camillia N. Keach and Michael Rochemont 23: 81-106
On the treatment of syntactically distri-buted downstep Mary M. Clark 11: 101-37
On the underlying representation of contour tones in Wobe John Victor Singler 15: 59-75
On the verbal origin of the Bantu verb suffixes Talmy Givón 2: 145-64
Once more on the nature of downdrift Lee A. Becker 10: 233-46
One father or two? polysemy in kinship terms Chet A. Creider Supp. 9: 63-8
The organization of repair in Yoruba conversation Femi Akindele 22: 171-88
The origin of consonant gemination in Luganda Martin Mould Supp. 5: 223-32
The origin of Hausa \h\ Paul Newman Supp. 6: 165-75

The origins of the remote future formatives in Kinyarwanda, Kirundi and Giha (J61)

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