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Fall 2022 Schedule

August 26

Topic: Planning meeting

September 2
Presenter: Paul
Topic: Seeking feedback on article created from thesis work

September 9
Presenter: Rexhina Ndoci
Topic: Experiment brainstorming for dissertation work

September 16
Presenter: Ashlee Dauphinais
Topic: NWAV 50 dry run

September 23
No SoMean

September 30
Presenters: Marie Bissell & Katie Conner
Topic: NWAV 50 dry run &
NWAV 50 dry run

October 7
Presenters: Angelica Avilés Bosques & Ariana Steele
Topic: QP2 Updates & NWAV50 dry run

October 14
Fall Break - No SoMean

October 21
Presenter: Ariana Steele
Topic: Dissertation workshopping

October 28
Presenter: Kojo Oduro-Ofori
Topic: TBD

November 4
Presenter: Jory Ross
Topic: QP2 dry run

November 11
Veteran’s Day No SoMean

November 18
Presenter: William Thomas
Topic: Dissertation Update/Experimental Results

November 25
Thanksgiving Break No SoMean

December 2
Angelica Avilés Bosques & Katie Conner
Topic: QP2 dry run & QP2 dry run