Talks Relevant to Language Acquisition, 2010-2011

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12:00, Friday,
October 15, 2010
Room 180, Hagerty Hall.
Nick C. Ellis, University of Michigan
Usage-based SLA: Insights from Corpus and Cognitive Linguistics
3:00-4:30, Monday,
October 17, 2010
The Ohio Union, Great Hall Rooms 1 & 2
Norman Segalowitz, Concordia University
Cognitive Aspects of Second Language Fluency
3:30, Friday,
October 22, 2010
Room 40, Jennings Hall.
Irina Sekerina, CUNY, College of Staten Island
More on Quantifier Spreading
3:00, Sunday,
October 24, 2010
Center for Cognitive Science
Rubi Hammer, Psychology, Stanford University
Comparison, Induction and Category Learning
3:00, Wednesday,
October 27, 2010
Room 035, PS
Richard Aslin, University of Rochester, Brain & Cognitive Sciences
The Dynamics of Information Processing in Infants: Eye-tracking and Neuroimaging

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