Welcome to Changelings
Fall 2018: meetings are Wednesday 2:20-3:40 in 122 Oxley Hall

Changelings is a standing research group with weekly meetings.

This discussion group focuses on issues of language variation and change including the areas of historical linguistics, sociolinguistics, and language contact. Via weekly meetings, faculty and students drawn from the Departments of Linguistics, Education, English, and various language departments present papers and discuss their research in a friendly and supportive environment. Often times, members use the group as a forum for presenting "trial runs" of talks that will later be presented to fill milestone requirements within the department of linguistics or at local and national conferences. Occasionally, visiting speakers from other departments and universities will present special talks for the group, so Changelings also presents a forum for external collaboration.

Join the changelings mailing list here. Periodic emails to the mailing list include notices of items of interest to members of the group, meeting reminders, and so on.


VENUE: 122 Oxley Hall

1/16Brian (moderator)LSA RecapHope
2/6Michalis (visitor)Greek diachronyBrian
2/13No meeting (OSU-Tsukuba workshop
2/20RileyMA thesis progress reportRiley
2/27CarlyLSA fostering inclusion panelCarly
3/6GinaQPI presentationGina
3/13No meeting (Spring Break)
3/20ClintQP2 presentationClint
3/27ShuanQP2 presentationShuan
4/3AntonioQP2 presentationAntonio