Workshop on Shared Tasks and Comparative Evaluation in Natural Language Generation

Workshop Schedule

Friday, April 20


0900-0915 Welcome and Intro
0915-1015 Invited Speaker: Kathy McKeown, "Lessons Learned from Evaluation of Summarization Systems"

First Session: Exercising Caution

1015-1030 Scott and Moore (Moore presenting)
1030-1045 Di Eugenio

Coffee, 1045-1115

Second Session: Still Cautious

1115-1130 McCoy
1130-1145 Green

Lunch, 1145-1315

Third Session: Concrete Proposals I

1315-1335 Walker
1335-1355 Belz
1355-1415 Reiter
1415-1435 Gatt et al
1435-1455 Viethen
1455-1515 Byron et al (Koller presenting)

Coffee, 1515-1545

Fourth Session: Concrete Proposals II

1545-1605 Mellish and Scott (Scott presenting)
1605-1625 Paris et al
1625-1645 Rus et al
1645-1705 Stent
1705-1725 McDonald

Wrap-up for the day

Saturday, April 21

Breakout Groups