ACL-08: HLT - Roommate Matching Service

If you are hoping to share a room, but need us to find you a roommate, please fill out the Roommate Matching Service Request Form below.

As requests come in from roommate seekers who match each other's preferences, we will send you each other's contact information. You will then be able to collaborate with one another to make your shared room reservation and to work out any payment details with the hotel. We are merely providing a roommate matching service; we will not be reserving any rooms or accepting/arranging payment for roommate seekers.

IF YOU FIND THAT YOU NO LONGER NEED A ROOMMATE, or if you have any questions or problems, please contact the roommate coordinator, Crystal Nakatsu, via email .


Attendee Name:

Attendee email address:

Attendee Gender:

Order of Hotel Preference

(NOTE - Although you may enter any hotel name, the Hyatt Regency (conference venue) or Red Roof Inn (near conference venue) are most likely to be matched successfully. If you have no preference please write 'ANY')

Desired number of roommates (one, two, three)

Dates requesting roommate:

What other information would be helpful for us to know when locating a roommate for you?

Would you be willing to share rooms with people are staying one day less than you? (This means that you will not be able to split the bill with your roommate on the day they are not there. However, due the poverty of requests, there is a greater likelihood of you finding a roommate if you agree.) Please check yes or no.