Authors (Oral Presentations) Title
Meni Adler, Yoav Goldberg and Michael Elhadad Unsupervised Lexicon-Based Resolution of Unknown Words for Full Morpholological Analysis
Eneko Agirre, Timothy Baldwin and David Martinez Improving Parsing and PP attachment Performance with Sense Information
Hua Ai and Diane Litman Assessing Dialog System User Simulation Evaluation Measures Using Human Judges
Alina Andreevskaia and Sabine Bergler When Specialists and Generalists Work Together: Overcoming Domain Dependence in Sentiment Tagging
Andrew Arnold, Ramesh Nallapati and William Cohen Exploiting Feature Hierarchy for Transfer Learning in Named Entity Recognition
Eleftherios Avramidis and Philipp Koehn Enriching Morphologically Poor Languages for Statistical Machine Translation
Jason Baldridge and Frederick Hoyt A Unified Logical Basis for the D Combinator and Normal Form Constraints in Combinatory Categorial Grammar
Michele Banko and Oren Etzioni The Tradeoffs Between Open and Traditional Relation Extraction
Shenghua Bao, Huizhong Duan, Qi Zhou, Miao Xiong, Yunbo Cao and Yong Yu A Probabilistic Model for Fine-Grained Expert Search
Susan Bartlett, Grzegorz Kondrak and Colin Cherry Automatic Syllabification with Structured SVMs for Letter-To-Phoneme Conversion
Emily M. Bender Evaluating a Crosslinguistic Grammar Resource: A Case Study of Wambaya
Shane Bergsma, Dekang Lin and Randy Goebel Distributional Identification of Non-Referential Pronouns
Rahul Bhagat and Deepak Ravichandran Large Scale Acquisition of Paraphrases for Learning Surface Patterns
Fadi Biadsy, Julia Hirschberg and Elena Filatova An Unsupervised Approach to Biography Production using Wikipedia
Maximilian Bisani, Paul Vozila, Olivier Divay and Jeff Adams Automatic Editing in a Back-End Speech-to-Text System
Phil Blunsom, Trevor Cohn and Miles Osborne Discriminative Synchronous Transduction for Statistical Machine Translation
S.R.K. Branavan, Harr Chen, Jacob Eisenstein and Regina Barzilay Learning Document-Level Semantic Properties from Free-text Annotations
Guihong Cao, Stephen Robertson and Jian-Yun Nie Selecting Query Term Alternations for Web Search by Exploiting Query Contexts
Nathanael Chambers and Dan Jurafsky Unsupervised Learning of Narratives
Yee Seng Chan and Hwee Tou Ng MAXSIM: A Maximum Similarity Metric for Machine Translation Evaluation
Colin Cherry Cohesive Phrase-based Decoding for Statistical Machine Translation
Andras Csomai and Rada Mihalcea Linguistically Motivated Features for Enhanced Back-of-the-Book Indexing
Dmitry Davidov and Ari Rappoport Unsupervised Discovery of Generic Relationships Using Pattern Clusters and its Evaluation by Automatically Generated SAT Analogy Questions
Dmitry Davidov and Ari Rappoport Classification of Semantic Relationships between Nominals Using Pattern Clusters
Marie-Catherine de Marneffe, Anna Rafferty and Christopher Manning Finding Contradictions in Text
Yonggang Deng, Jia Xu and Yuqing Gao Phrase Table Training For Precision and Recall: What Makes a Good Phrase and a Good Phrase Pair?
Mona Diab, Alessandro Moschitti and Daniele Pighin Semantic Role Labeling Systems for Arabic Language using Kernel Methods
Shilin Ding, Gao Cong, Chin-Yew Lin and Xiaoyan Zhu Extracting Question-Context-Answer Triples from Online Forums
Rebecca Dridan and Valia Kordoni Enhancing Performance of Lexicalised Grammars
Huizhong Duan, Yunbo Cao, Chin-Yew Lin and Yong Yu Searching Questions by Identifying Question Topic and Question Focus
Chris Dyer, Smaranda Muresan and Philip Resnik Generalizing Word Lattice Translation
Jacob Eisenstein, Regina Barzilay and Randall Davis Gestural Cohesion for Topic Segmentation
Tamer Elsayed, Douglas Oard and Galileo Namata Resolving Personal Names in Email Using Context Expansion
Micha Elsner and Eugene Charniak You Talking to Me? A Corpus and Algorithm for Conversation Disentanglement
Dominic Espinosa, Michael White and Dennis Mehay Hypertagging: Supertagging for Surface Realization with CCG
Hui Fang A Re-examination of Query expansion Using Lexical Resources
Yansong Feng and Mirella Lapata Automatic Image Annotation Using Auxiliary Text Information
Jenny Finkel, Alex Kleeman and Christopher Manning Efficient, Feature-based, Conditional Random Field Parsing
Margaret Fleck Lexicalized Phonotactic Word Segmentation
Michael Fleischman and Deb Roy Grounded Language Modeling for Automatic Speech Recognition of Sports Video
Kuzman Ganchev, Joo Graa and Ben Taskar Better Alignments = Better Translations?
Yoav Goldberg, Meni Adler and Michael Elhadad EM Can Find Pretty Good HMM POS-Taggers (When Given a Good Start)
Carlos Gmez-Rodrguez, John Carroll and David Weir A Deductive Approach to Dependency Parsing
Aria Haghighi, Percy Liang, Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick and Dan Klein Learning Bilingual Lexicons from Monolingual Corpora
Liang HUANG Forest Reranking: Discriminative Parsing with Non-Local Features
Heng Ji and Ralph Grishman Refining Event Extraction through Unsupervised Cross-document Inference
Sittichai Jiampojamarn, Colin Cherry and Grzegorz Kondrak Joint Processing and Discriminative Training for Letter-to-Phoneme Conversion
Wenbin Jiang, Liang Huang and Qun Liu A Cascaded Linear Model for Joint Chinese Word Segmentation and Part-of-Speech Tagging
Michael Kaisser, Marti Hearst and John Lowe Evidence for Varying Search Results Summary Lengths
Tobias Kaufmann and Beat Pfister Applying a Grammar-based Language Model to a Broadcast-News Transcription Task
Alexander Koller, Michaela Regneri and Stefan Thater Regular tree grammars as a formalism for scope underspecification
Terry Koo, Xavier Carreras and Michael Collins Simple Semi-supervised Dependency Parsing
Zornitsa Kozareva, Ellen Riloff and Eduard Hovy Semantic Class Learning from the Web with Hyponym Pattern Linkage Graphs
Cheongjae Lee, Sangkeun Jung and Gary Geunbae Lee Robust Dialog Management with N-best Hypotheses Using Dialog Examples and Agenda
John Lee and Stephanie Seneff Correcting Misuse of Verb Forms
Percy Liang and Dan Klein Analyzing the Errors of Unsupervised Induction
Dekang Lin, Shaojun Zhao, Benjamin Van Durme and Marius Pasca Mining Parenthetical Translations from the Web by Word Alignment
Franois Mairesse and Marilyn Walker Trainable Generation of Big-Five Personality Styles through Data-driven Parameter Estimation
Gideon Mann and Andrew McCallum Generalized Expectation Criteria for Semi-Supervised Learning of Conditional Random Fields
Yuval Marton and Philip Resnik Soft Syntactic Constraints for Hierarchical Phrased-Based Translation
Qiaozhu Mei and ChengXiang Zhai Generating Impact-Based Summaries for Scientific Literature
Haitao Mi, Liang Huang and Qun Liu Shallow Forest-Based Tree-to-String Translation
Ruy Luiz Milidiu, Ccero Nogueira dos Santos and Julio Cesar Duarte Phrase Chunking using Entropy Guided Transformation Learning
Jir Mrovský PDT 2.O Requirements on a Query Language
Jeff Mitchell and Mirella Lapata Vector-based Models of Semantic Composition
Yusuke Miyao, Rune Saetre, Kenji Sagae, Takuya Matsuzaki and Jun'ichi Tsujii Task-Oriented Evaluation of Syntactic Parsers and Their Representations
Ani Nenkova and Annie Louise Can you summarize this? Identifying correlates of input difficulty for multi-document summarization
Rebecca Nesson, Giorgio Satta and Stuart Shieber Optimal k-arization of Synchronous Tree-Adjoining Grammar
Joakim Nivre and Ryan McDonald Integrating Graph-Based and Transition-Based Dependency Parsers
Tadashi Nomoto A Generic Sentence Trimmer with CRFs
Marius Pasca and Benjamin Van Durme Weakly-Supervised Acquisition of Open-Domain Classes and Class Attributes from Web Documents and Query Logs
Roi Reichart, Katrin Tomanek, Udo Hahn and Ari Rappoport Multi-Task Active Learning for Linguistic Annotations
Alexander Richman and Patrick Schone Mining Wiki Resources for Multilingual Named Entity Recognition
Verena Rieser and Oliver Lemon Learning Effective Multimodal Dialogue Strategies from Wizard-of-Oz data: Bootstrapping and Evaluation
Libin Shen, Jinxi Xu and Ralph Weischedel A New String-to-Dependency Machine Translation Algorithm with a Target Dependency Language Model
Benjamin Snyder and Regina Barzilay Family-Based Unsupervised Morphological Segmentation
Vivek Srikumar, Roi Reichart, Mark Sammons, Ari Rappoport and Dan Roth Extraction of Entailed Semantic Relations Through Syntax-based Comma Resolution
Mihai Surdeanu, Massimiliano Ciaramita and Hugo Zaragoza Learning to Rank Answers on Large Online QA Collections
Jun Suzuki and Hideki Isozaki Semi-Supervised Sequential Labeling and Segmentation using Giga-word Scale Unlabeled Data
Gyrgy Szarvas Hedge classification in biomedical texts with a weakly supervised selection of keywords
Idan Szpektor, Ido Dagan, Roy Bar Haim and Jacob Goldberger Contextual Preferences
Ivan Titov and Ryan McDonald A Joint Model of Text and Aspect Ratings for Sentiment Summarization
Jakob Uszkoreit and Thorsten Brants Distributed Word Clustering for Large Scale Class-Based Language Modeling in Machine Translation
David Vadas and James R. Curran Parsing Noun Phrase Structure with CCG
David Vickrey and Daphne Koller Sentence Simplification for Semantic Role Labeling
Ellen Voorhees Contradictions and Justifications: Extensions to the Textual Entailment Task
Wouter Weerkamp and Maarten de Rijke Credibility Improves Topical Blog Post Retrieval
Xiaofeng Yang and Jian Su An Entity-Mention Model for Coreference Resolution with Inductive Logic Programming
Yue Zhang and Stephen Clark Joint Word Segmentation and POS Tagging using a Single Perceptron
Dongdong Zhang, Mu Li, Nan Duan, Chi-Ho Li and Ming Zhou Measure Word Generation for English-Chinese SMT Systems
Hao Zhang, Chris Quirk, Robert Moore and Daniel Gildea Bayesian Learning of Non-compositional Phrases with Synchronous Parsing
Hao Zhang and Daniel Gildea Efficient Multi-pass Decoding for Synchronous Context Free Grammars
Shiqi Zhao, Haifeng Wang, Ting Liu and Sheng Li Pivot Approach for Extracting Paraphrase Patterns from Bilingual Corpora
Shiqi Zhao, Cheng Niu, Ming Zhou, Ting Liu and Sheng Li Combining Multiple Resources to Improve SMT-based Paraphrasing Model
Xiaojin Zhu, Andrew Goldberg, Michael Rabbat and Robert Nowak Learning Bigrams from Unigrams
Authors (Poster Presentations) Title
Giuseppe Carenini, Raymond T. Ng and Xiaodong Zhou Summarizing Emails with Conversational Cohesion and Subjectivity
Markus Dickinson Ad Hoc Treebank Structures
Yoav Goldberg and Reut Tsarfaty A Single Generative Model for Joint Morphological Segmentation and Syntactic Parsing
Sharon Goldwater, Dan Jurafsky and Chris Manning Which words are hard to recognize? Prosodic, lexical, and disfluency factors that increase ASR error rates
Ulf Hermjakob, Kevin Knight and Hal Daume Name Translation in Statistical Machine Translation - Learning When to Transliterate
Mark Johnson Using adaptor grammars to identify synergies in the unsupervised acquisition of linguistic structure
Jun'ichi Kazama and Kentaro Torisawa Inducing Gazetteers for Named Entity Recognition by Large-scale Clustering of Dependency Relations
Alistair Kennedy and Stan Szpakowicz Evaluating Roget's Thesauri
Zhifei Li and David Yarowsky Unsupervised Translation Induction for Chinese Abbreviations using Monolingual Corpora
Jianguo Li and Chris Brew Which Are the Best Features for Automatic Verb Classification
Joanna Mrozinski, Sadaoki Furui and Edward Whittaker Collecting a Why-question corpus for development and evaluation of an automatic QA-system
Preslav Nakov and Marti Hearst Solving Relational Similarity Problems Using the Web as a Corpus
J. Scott Olsson and Douglas Oard Combining Speech Retrieval Results with Generalized Additive Models
Gerald Penn and Xiaodan Zhu A Critical Reassessment of Evaluation Baselines for Speech Summarization
Joseph Polifroni and Marilyn Walker Intensional Summaries as Cooperative Responses in Dialogue: Automation and Evaluation
Sujan Kumar Saha, Pabitra Mitra and Sudeshna Sarkar Word Clustering and Word Selection based Feature Reduction for MaxEnt based Hindi NER
Helmut Schmid, Sabine Schulte im Walde, Christian Scheible and Christian Hying Combining EM Training and the MDL Principle for an Automatic Verb Classification incorporating Selectional Preferences
David Talbot and Thorsten Brants Randomized Language Models via Perfect Hash Functions
Kristina Toutanova, Hisami Suzuki and Achim Ruopp Applying Morphology Generation Models to Machine Translation
Tony Veale and Yanfen Hao Multilingual Harvesting of Cross-Cultural Stereotypes
Qin Iris Wang, Dekang Lin and Dale Schuurmans Semi-supervised Convex Training for Dependency Parsing
Fan Yang, Jun Zhao, Bo Zou and Kang Liu Chinese-English Backward Transliteration Assisted with Mining Monolingual Web Pages
Beat Zapirain, Eneko Agirre and Llus Mrquez Robustness and Generalization of Role Sets: PropBank vs. VerbNet
Min Zhang, Hongfei Jiang, Aiti Aw, Chew Lim Tan and Sheng Li A Forest-to-Forest Alignment-based Model for Machine Translation