ESSLLI 2011 Workshop on Projective Meaning

August 8-12, 2011, in Ljubljana, Slovenia

This workshop (organized by Craige Roberts and Judith Tonhauser, both at The Ohio State University) brings together a variety of perspectives on the topic of projective meanings, that class of meaning elements which tend to survive as utterance implications even when the triggering expression is embedded under the syntactic scope of entailment-cancelling operators. This class includes the projective contents of presupposition triggers, but also Conventional Implicatures, some evidentials, and other non-presuppositional but projecting content. The central purpose of the workshop, which will feature papers as well as a poster session, is to foster dialogue among scholars working on these topics, with a special interest in broadening the empirical base of the discussion by drawing in researchers working on projective meanings in languages other than English.

The workshop is preceded by the advanced ESSLLI 2011 course "Projective meaning: Formal approaches and cross-linguistic evidence", (August 1-5, 2011), taught by Craige Roberts and Judith Tonhauser, both at the Ohio State University.

The course and the workshop are organized with the support of the US National Science Foundation (grant #0952571, "Semantics and Pragmatics of Projective Meaning across Languages'") to Craige Roberts (OSU) and Judith Tonhauser (OSU), with collaborative grants to David Beaver (UT Austin) and Mandy Simons (CMU).

Please click here for the Call for Papers.

Here's the program of the workshop.

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