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Welcome to the original (English) ToBI homepage. This page is the link to the original "ToBI Annotation Conventions" (for English) and to the original "Guidelines for ToBI Labelling" (for English).

The English ToBI home has moved
Note that Alejna Brugos, Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel, and Nanette Veilleux of the Resources for Prosody and ToBI-Related Research Lab have taken over the primary responsibility for maintaining and updating training materials and other resources for the English ToBI community. Please refer to their web site for anything other than these original posted annotation conventions and the original training materials.

Before you download the original "Guidelines ..." please read the following paragraph.

Notice of copyright and restrictions on use
The "Guidelines for ToBI Labelling" document and associated material are copyrighted. The text cannot be copied or distributed in any format unless this paragraph is included. The utterances accompanying the guide are available to any interested user, but only for non-commercial use. The National Science Foundation and the Ohio State University make no warranty and accept no liability associated with the use of these materials. These materials may be obtained only as described in Sections 0.2 and 0.3 of the "Guidelines ...", and are not to be redistributed by other user sites. Users may not redistribute these materials from their own sites, but should instead tell interested people how to obtain their own copy from the distribution site.

The text of the original "Guidelines ..." is now available as a pdf file. Alternatively, you can read it on line at this URL.

The utterances that accompany the "Guidelines..." are now available both in Emu format at the Emu home page at Macquarie University and as wav RIFF files with accompanying praat TextGrid files.


Scanned electronic copies in pdf format are now available for the Silverman et al. (1992) paper describing the original version of the system and the first inter-transcriber agreement test, and for the Pitrelli, Beckman, and Hirschberg (1994) paper describing the second inter-transcriber agreement test using the final version of the system and the training manual.

For more recent publications related to the development of the English ToBI conventions, see the references page at the new English ToBI home.

For questions, comments, or further information, contact Mary E. Beckman at:

mbeckman @ ling.osu.edu

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