Piaget’s 4 stages of cognitive development

  1. Sensori-motor period (from birth until age 2)
  2. --Behavior is organized around its sensory or motor effects

    --Culminates in attaining the concept of object permanence.

    --Object permanence: understanding that objects have a continued existence when they disappear from view.

  3. Pre-operational stage (from 2-6)
  4. --Characterized by egocentric thought.

    --Children cannot adopt alternative viewpoints;

    they cannot think from another person’s perspective.

  5. Concrete operational stage (6-12)
  6. --Children are able to adopt alternative viewpoints.

    --Conservation task: pour water from short, wide glass into tall, thin one

    --Concrete operational child understands the amount of water stays the same.

  7. Formal operational stage (12 and up)

--Child is not limited to concrete thinking.

--Child can reason abstractly and logically.