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  Language Origins

Language Evolution and Change, by Morten H. Christiansen & Rick Dale (in press)
The puzzle of language evolution, by Luc Steels (1999)
A history of the study of language origins and the gestural primacy hypothesis, by Gordon W. Hewes
The International Society for the Study of the Origins and Evolution of Language
The Gestural Origins of Language, by Michael C. Corballis (1999)
The Sinister Hand (1998)

  Language and Thought

The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis
The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis, by Daniel Chandler

  Nature vs. Nurture

Everybody's Talkin': Language's great innate debate continues to make noise, by Bruce Bower (1997)

  Language Acquisition

Babies Know Early On Where Words Begin and End, by Harald Franzen (2001)
The Origins of Babble, by Melissa Hendricks (1998)
Mama teached me to talk!, by Robert Beard
How do infants learn language?

  Animal Language Research

Lab chimp speaks his own language, by Anil Ananthaswamy (2003)
Chimp Talk Debate: Is It Really Language?, by George Johnson (1995)
Georgia State University - Ape biographies


Gene study gives language lesson, by James Randerson (2002)
Study Uncovers First Gene Associated with Language, by J. R. Minkel (2001)
Language gene found, by John Whitfield (2001)
Family gives genetic clue to language, by B. Bower (1998)

  Language and the Brain

Neurolinguistics, by Lise Menn
Language and Brain, by Stephen Crain
In Search of the Language Switch: An fMRI Study of Picture Naming in Spanish-English Bilinguals, by Arturo E. Hernandez, Antigona Martinez, and Kathryn Kohnert
Is it time to replace the Wada test?, by Bassel Abou-Khalil, and Bradley L. Schlaggar (2002)
Making sense of sentences, by Rachel Smyly (1999)
Words with Uncertain Meaning, by Melissa Hendricks (1998)

  Word Recognition

Cognitive Models of Spoken Word Recognition, by Steven K. de la Vaux (2003)
Brand names bring special brain buzz, by Hazel Muir (2002)

  Speech Errors

Slips of the Tongue: Windows to the Mind, by Victoria A. Fromkin


Sight and sound, by Emma Young (2001)


The bilingual brain, by Sara Abdulla (1999)
Brains show signs of two bilingual roads, by B. Bower (1997)


Grammar, by Sandy Chung and Geoff Pullum
Language Diversity, by Bernard Comrie

  Prosodic Cues

Speech Insights Sound Off in the Brain, by B. Bower (1999)

  Sign Language

New alphabet for signers, by John Whitfield (2001)
Brain Wiring for Human Language, by Kristin Leutwyler (2000)
A Linguistic Big Bang, by Lawrence Osborne (1999)
From Silence to Sound, by Alia Malek (1996)
Sound and Fury

  Visual Language Cues

Expressions: The Visible Link, by John P. Wiley, Jr. (1998)
Speech: A Sight to Behold, by Barbara Rodriguez (1996)

  Speech and Writing

English is toughest European language to read, by James Randerson (2001)
What's the Difference between Speech and Writing, by William Bright

  Language and Computers

Computer linguists mix language, science, by Patricia V. Rivera (2003)
Let's talk, by Duncan Graham-Rowe (2001)
Lost in Translation, by Stephen Budiansky (1998)

  Endangered Languages

Speaking in Tongues, by James Geary (1997)
Languishing languages: Cultures at risk, by Janet Raloff (1995)
The Endangered Language Fund

  Regional Dialects

The Great Pop vs. Soda Controversy


Evaluating English Accents WorldWide

  Language Policy in America

* Bilingualism in America: A Forgotten Legacy, by James Crawford
* Heritage Languages in America: Tapping a "Hidden" Resource, by James Crawford, 1999
* Education Reforms and Students at Risk: A Review of the Current State of the Art - January 1994


Laboratoire de Phonetique et Phonologie de l'Universite Laval a Quebec


Center for Basque Studies, University of Nevada, Reno
Introduction to the inflectional morphology of Basque verbs
A Brief Grammar of Euskara, The Basque Language