OSU Working Papers in Linguistics

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Table of contents (230 pp total):

Adventures with CAMiLLe: Investigating the Architecture of the Language Faculty through Computational Simulation

  Peter W. Culicover, Andrzej Nowak, Wojciech Borkowski & Katherine Woznicki

The Vocalization of /l/ in Urban Blue Collar Columbus, OH African American Vernacular English: A Quantitative Sociophonetic Analysis

  David Durian
Knowledge- and Labor-Light Morphological Analysis

Jirka Hana

Morphological Complexity Outside of Universal Grammar

Jirka Hana & Peter W. Culicover
Discourse Constraints on Extraposition from Definite NP Subjects in English

Laurie A. Maynell

A Consumer’s Guide to Contemporary Morphological Theories

Tom Stewart