This is a very rough first-pass at an online wordlist for North Saami, designed to provide some auditory basis for those interested in Saami phonology, who may be somewhat confused from spellings about pronunciations. Note that the transcriptions below are somewhat finer-grained than phonemic, since we have not sorted out a complete phoneme-reducing inventory, but by no means a narrow phonetic transcription. The transcriptions may also be under-differentiated in terms of vowel and diphthong length. These transcriptions are "token-specific", meaning that they may represent properties of this particular recording (though the majority are, in our experience, representative of multiple pronunciations). See our paper for discussion of the phonology.

"guest"; nom. sg guós'si, acc. sg guossi

"fish"; nom. sg guolli, acc. sg guoli

"house"; nom. sg viessu, acc. sg viesu

"child"; nom. sg maannaa, acc. sg maanaa

"crybaby"; nom. sg čiér'raa, ?acc. sg ?=

"island"; nom. sg suolu, acc. sg sullo

"reindeer (all white)"; nom. sg gabba, acc. sg gappa

"cradle"; nom. & acc. sg geeso

"big tent"; nom. sg goahti, acc. sg goaði

"noise"; nom. & acc. sg gahčaa,

"stammering"; nom. & acc. sg gahhka

"bill of cap"; nom. sg gaiba, acc. sg gaíppa

"gene"; nom. & acc. sg geena

"gold"; nom. sg gol'li, acc. sg gooli

"year"; nom. sg jahki, acc. sg jagi

"cook"; nom. sg goáhhka, acc. sg goahka

"room"; nom. sg la?nja, acc. sg lanja

"ice floe"; nom. & acc. sg baldo

"worker"; nom. & acc. sg baregi

"axe"; nom. & acc. sg aakšu

"church"; nom. & acc. sg girahku,

"floor"; nom. sg lahhti, acc. sg laahti

"squirrel"; nom. & acc. sg oarri

"honor"; nom. sg gun?ni, acc. sg gu?ni

"corner"; nom. sg čiehka, acc. sg čiega

"spoon"; nom. sg basste, acc. sg baaste

"stool"; nom. sg reŋkko, ?acc. sg =? (longer v?)

"work tool"; nom. & acc. sg neavvu

"shell casing"; nom. sg laadda, acc. sg laatta

"troll"; nom. sg stal'lu, acc. sg staalu

"daughter"; nom. sg njeida, acc. sg njeitta

"fishing net (for casting)"; nom. sg nuóhhti, acc. sg nuohti

"north wind"; nom. sg nuórahtu, acc. sg nuórhtu

"offering stone"; nom. sg sjeidi, acc. sg sjeítti

"language"; nom. sg giella, acc. sg giela

"book"; nom. sg gireji, acc. sg girjji

"name"; nom. sg nammaa, acc. sg namaa

"son"; nom. sg baare?ni, acc. sg baar?ni

"time"; nom. sg aigi, acc. sg aikki

"young"; nom. sg nuorra, acc. sg nuora

"father"; nom. sg ahhči, acc. sg aahči

"night before"; nom. sg ruóhhta, acc. sg ruohta

"someone with baggy pants"; nom. & acc. sg nal'li

"reindeer camp (esp. people there)"; nom. sg siida, acc. sg s(j)itta

"leaf"; nom. sg lassta, acc. sg laasta

"fishhook"; nom. sg vuógga, acc. sg vuokka

"example, design"; nom. & acc. sg maalle

"tracebearer"; nom. sg ruo?ma, acc. sg ruoma

"wolf"; nom. sg gumppe, acc. sg guumppe

"fire"; nom. sg dol'laa, acc. sg dolaa

"intention"; nom. sg miella, acc. sg miela

"good "; nom. sg buorre, acc. sg buori

"stone"; nom. sg geaðegi, acc. sg geaðggi

"shoulder blade"; nom. sg beaðebi, acc. sg beaðbbi

"jacket"; nom. sg gaakti, acc. sg gaafti

"broadening (of antler)"; nom. sg liéðe?mi, acc. sg liénmi

"reindeer (female)"; nom. sg aaldu, acc. sg aalttu

"bad luck"; nom. sg baarehti, acc. sg baarhti

"depression in land"; nom. sg gohhpi, acc. sg gobi

"oar"; nom. sg airu, acc. sg airru

"spirit"; nom. sg vuoi?na, acc. sg vuoinna

"shaft"; nom. sg naððaa, acc. sg naðaa

"crow"; nom. sg garaja, acc. sg garjja

"reindeer"; nom. sg boazu, acc. sg bohhco

"tree"; nom. sg muorra, acc. sg muora

"lingonberry"; nom. sg jo?nja, acc. sg jonja

"tooth"; nom. sg baa?ni, acc. sg baani

"younger maternal aunt"; nom. sg muossaa, acc. sg muosaa

"bird"; nom. sg loddi, acc. sg lotti

"broth"; nom. sg lie?ma, acc. sg liema

"reindeer gloves"; nom. sg gissta, acc. sg giista

"hand"; nom. sg giehta, acc. sg gieða

"insect"; nom. sg diuri, acc. sg divrri

"dove"; nom. & acc. sg duvvaa

"son-in-law"; nom. sg viv'vaa, acc. sg vivaa

"lord "; nom. & acc. sg hearraa

"sp. duck"; nom. & acc. sg hannjaa

"mitten"; nom. sg fahhca, acc. sg faahca

"minister"; nom. sg bahhpa, acc. sg baahpa

"yarn"; nom. sg fiére?mi, acc. sg fiér?mi

"food"; nom. sg biém?mu, acc. sg bié?mu

"narrow"; nom. sg gaareži, acc. sg garčči

"journey"; nom. & acc. sg maaski

"sap"; nom. sg maihli, acc. sg maíhhli

"swelling"; nom. sg guuhli, acc. sg guhhli

"coffee"; nom. sg gaaffe, acc. sg gaafe

"brother"; nom. sg viéllja, acc. sg vielja

"kiss"; nom. sg cum'ma, acc. sg cuumma

"pen"; nom. sg pen'na, acc. sg peenna

"daughter in law"; nom. sg mannji, acc. sg manji

"hatred"; nom. sg vašši, acc. sg vaši

"grandmother"; nom. sg ahhku, acc. sg aahku

"coccoon"; nom. sg guóðoju, acc. sg guóðjju

"mother"; nom. sg ean?ni, acc. sg e?ni

"store"; nom. sg gaaufpi, acc. sg gaafpi

"lake"; nom. sg jaauri, acc. sg jaaurri

"bear"; nom. sg guóuža, acc. sg guóučča

"sauna; embroidery"; nom. sg saau?nji, acc. sg saaunji

"lap"; nom. & acc. sg faasmi

"stomach"; nom. sg čoauji, acc. sg čoaujji

"protrusion"; nom. sg culehci, acc. sg culhci

"oil"; nom. sg oloju, acc. sg ollju

"mound"; nom. sg balasa, acc. sg balssa

"cloud"; nom. sg balava, acc. sg balvva

"dice"; nom. sg birahcu, acc. sg birhcu

"big log"; nom. sg hirasa, acc. sg hirssa

"lead"; nom. & acc. sg laačču

"half"; nom. sg lahkki, acc. sg laahki

"horn interface"; nom. sg lahhpa, acc. sg laahpa

"raft"; nom. sg lahhta, acc. sg laahta

"extras"; nom. sg lassi, acc. sg lasi

"sod"; nom. sg laau?nji, acc. sg launnji

"pond"; nom. sg laattu, acc. sg laaddo

"glossy paint"; nom. sg lahhka, acc. sg laahka

"nonverbal communication"; nom. sg lahhta, acc. sg lahhtaga

"law"; nom. sg laahka, acc. sg laaga

"hilly place"; nom. sg laahku, acc. sg laagu

"flag"; nom. sg leauga, acc. sg leaukka

"backpack"; nom. sg laaufka, acc. sg laafka

"step"; nom. sg laaufki, acc. sg laafki

"bird sp."; nom. & acc. sg laauli

"singer"; nom. & acc. sg laaulu

"storehouse"; nom. sg aihti, acc. sg aíhhti

"cow"; nom. sg gussaa, acc. sg gusa

"car"; nom. sg biila, acc. sg biilla

"calf"; nom. sg gaalebi, acc. sg gaalppi

"writing (result)"; nom. sg čaallin, acc. sg čaallima

"earth"; nom. sg eana, acc. sg ea?nama

"leaving without yet arriving (process)"; nom. sg vuólegin, acc. sg vuólegima

"leaving without yet arriving (result)"; nom. sg vuólkka, acc. sg vuólagaga

FPN; nom. sg maaret, acc. sg maareha

"throat (outer)"; nom. sg čeabet, acc. sg čeabeha

"throat (inner)"; nom. sg čotta, acc. sg čoddaga

"beautiful"; nom. sg čaappat, acc. sg čaabba

"snow sparrow"; nom. sg aalat, acc. sg aalaha

"reindeer (2 year buck)"; nom. sg varit, acc. sg variha

"cap"; nom. sg gahhpir, acc. sg gahhpira

"tear"; nom. sg ganjal, acc. sg ga?njala

"old person"; nom. sg vuoras, acc. sg vuórrasa

"acquaintance"; nom. sg oahpis, acc. sg oáhhpasa

"large"; nom. sg stuoris, acc. sg stuorra

"delegate"; nom. sg aairras, acc. sg aairasa

"suitable"; nom. sg vuogas, acc. sg vuohkasa

"eight people"; nom. & acc. sg gaawfcis

"whale"; nom. sg faalis, acc. sg faalla

"old person"; nom. sg boaris, acc. sg boarrasa

"path"; nom. sg balkkis, acc. sg baalaga

"s.t. you put under s.t."; nom. sg vuoluš, acc. sg vuolaža

"antlers & skullcap of deer"; nom. sg čoarvuš, acc. sg čoáravuša

"girl"; nom. sg njeittaš, acc. sg njeittaža

"child dim."; nom. sg maanaš, acc. sg maanaža

"person"; nom. sg olmoš, acc. sg olo?mo

"bird dim."; nom. sg lottaaš, acc. sg lottaaža

"high"; nom. sg allat, acc. sg allaða

"reindeer (yellow-brownish)"; nom. sg čuoivvat, acc. sg čuoivvaga

"younger"; nom. sg nuorat, acc. sg nuorabu

"grandchild of woman"; nom. sg ahhkut, acc. sg ahhkuba

"longer"; nom. sg guufkit, acc. sg guufkibu

"thick (forest, porridge)"; nom. sg suohkat, acc. sg suohkaða

"sunshine"; nom. sg beaivaaðat, acc. sg beaivaaðaga

"thousands of"; nom. & acc. sg duuhaha

"fur from buck"; nom. & acc. sg sarvvaskat

"harder"; nom. sg garraaset, acc. sg garraaseppo

"older"; nom. sg boarraset, acc. sg boarraseppo

"king"; nom. sg gonaagas, acc. sg gonaagasa

"youngest"; nom. sg nuoramus, acc. sg nuoramusa

"story"; nom. sg muihtalus, acc. sg muihtalusa

MPN dim.; nom. sg jufaanaš, acc. sg jufaanačča

"Saami person"; nom. sg saa?melaš, acc. sg saa?melačča

"leader"; nom. sg oaivaamuš, acc. sg oaivaamučča

"most drunk"; nom. sg oaivaamus, acc. sg oaivaamusa

"dog dim."; nom. sg bea?nagaš, acc. sg bea?nagačča

"sunshine"; nom. sg beaivaðat, acc. sg beaivaðaga

"reindeer (untamed)"; nom. sg uðaamat, acc. sg uðaamaga

MPN; nom. sg aaslat, acc. sg aaslaga

"harder"; nom. sg garraaset, acc. sg garraaseppa

"pitiful person"; nom. sg heejoš, acc. sg heejoža

"something to give"; nom. sg addamuš, acc. sg addamučča

"marrow bone"; nom. sg aða, acc. sg aððama

"boring"; nom. sg ahhkit, acc. sg ahhkiða

"academic"; nom. sg akaðemihhkar, acc. sg akaðemihhkara

"raising of landscape"; nom. sg alaaðas, acc. sg alaaðassa

"lynx"; nom. sg alppas, acc. sg alabasa

"poor guy"; nom. sg olo?mohuš, acc. sg olo?mohučča

"understanding"; nom. sg aadehallan, acc. sg aadehallama

"grandchild of man"; nom. sg aažžut, acc. sg aažžuba

"the public"; nom. sg aalo?mot, acc. sg aalo?moga

"easier"; nom. sg aalhkit, acc. sg aalhkibu

"bird sp."; nom. sg baðošgaaccet, acc. sg baðošgaacceba

"reindeer (badly behaved)"; nom. sg bahaanaalat, acc. sg bahaanaalaga

"top of"; nom. sg bajaaš, acc. sg bajaaža

"ghost town"; nom. sg baarahtagaauhput, acc. sg baarahtagaauhpuga

"net with small holes"; nom. sg baaskot, acc. sg baaskoha

"pinecone"; nom. sg baahcat, acc. sg baahcaha

"jawbone of animal"; nom. sg baa?neluš, acc. sg baa?nelučča

"swallow (bird)"; nom. sg beškoš, acc. sg beškoža

"bird sp."; nom. sg beštor, acc. sg beštora

"auction"; nom. sg biččet, acc. sg biččega

"reindeer (white)"; nom. sg beejot, acc. sg beejoha

"vermin"; nom. sg billaar, acc. sg billaara

"butt of gun"; nom. sg bissobeahcet, acc. sg bissobeahceha

"unstable"; nom. sg bissomeahtun, acc. sg bissomeahtuma

"elder brother's kids of man"; nom. sg čeahcet, acc. sg čeahceha

"little finger"; nom. sg čeŋkkeš, acc. sg čeŋkkeža

"1000"; nom. sg čuuðeš, acc. sg čuuðeža

"reindeer (yellow-grey)"; nom. sg čuoivat, acc. sg čuoivaga

"lamp"; nom. & acc. sg laamppaa

"surfeit"; nom. sg laðan, acc. sg laðana

"joint"; nom. sg laðas, acc. sg laððasa

"joint space"; nom. sg laðaskasska, acc. sg laðaskaaska

"bent joint"; nom. sg laðasgeauli, acc. sg laðasgeaulli

"jointed animal"; nom. sg laðasjuolhkat, acc. sg laðasjuolhkaga

"joint-separating knife"; nom. sg laðasniibi, acc. sg laðasniippi

"nearest"; nom. sg lagaamus, acc. sg lagaamusa

"nearness"; nom. sg lagasvuohta, acc. sg lagasvuoða

"local environment"; nom. sg lagaspiraas, acc. sg lagaspirraasa

"mountain birch"; nom. sg laageš, acc. sg laageža

"deep snow"; nom. sg muoula, acc. sg muoulla

"mule deer"; nom. sg muula, acc. sg muulla

"wall"; nom. sg muura, acc. sg muuvrra

"reindeer fur dress"; nom. sg muóddaa, acc. sg muóttaa

"snow"; nom. sg muohta, acc. sg muóhhtaga

"berry"; nom. sg moreji, acc. sg morjji

"tasty little morsel"; nom. & acc. sg mos'si

"corner (natural)"; nom. sg muóhhki, acc. sg muohki

"chaos"; nom. sg moivi, acc. sg moivvi

"inspiration"; nom. sg mokta, acc. sg moofta

"paint"; nom. & acc. sg maala

"crumb"; nom. sg moallu, acc. sg moalu

"key (in music)"; nom. sg molla, ?acc. sg =

"predatory animal"; nom. sg naaudi, acc. sg naautti

"hairs soaked off hide"; nom. sg navva, acc. sg nava

"nephew/neice of man"; nom. sg neahpi, acc. sg neabi

"mink-like mammal"; nom. sg neahti, acc. sg neaði

"lion"; nom. sg leeččon, acc. sg leečona

"shoulder harness for reindeer"; nom. sg leaŋga, acc. sg leaŋkka

"humidity in sauna"; nom. sg leulo, acc. sg leullo

"rag"; nom. sg libar, acc. sg lihpara

"blink"; nom. sg liðgastat, acc. sg liðgastaga

"movement"; nom. sg lihhkaðea?ma, acc. sg lihhkaðeama

"political movement"; nom. sg lihhkaðus, acc. sg lihhkaðusa

"one who growls easily"; nom. sg haraan, acc. sg haraana

"rich"; nom. sg hattalaš, acc. sg hattalačča

"s.o. who collects things"; nom. sg haahkalas, acc. sg haahkalasa

"unhappy"; nom. sg heejusmielat, acc. sg heejusmielaga

"s.o. w/ responsibility over"; nom. sg haaldejaš, acc. sg haaldejačča

"desire"; nom. sg haaliðus, acc. sg haaliðussa

"talkative"; nom. sg haalalas, acc. sg haalalasa

"structure"; nom. sg haamaðat, acc. sg haamaðaga

"exercise"; nom. sg haarejehus, acc. sg haarejehusa

"stinginess"; nom. sg haa?noðat, acc. sg haa?noðaga

"burial"; nom. sg haaudaðus, acc. sg haaudaðusa

"pleasure"; nom. sg haauskoðat, acc. sg haauskoðaga

"bandage"; nom. sg haavežanas, acc. sg haaveža?nasa

"hindering"; nom. sg heaðuštus, acc. sg heaðuštusa

"shameful"; nom. sg heahpahlaš, acc. sg heahpalačča

"inappropriate"; nom. sg heevemeahhtun, acc. sg heevemeahhtuma

"Ascension Day"; nom. sg helaaduorastat, acc. sg helaaduorastaga

"s.t. on a hill where it is easy to fall"; nom. sg heeŋkkohat, acc. sg heeŋkkohaga

"really red fox"; nom. sg hillaarouvssut, acc. sg hillaarouvssuha

"hotel"; nom. & acc. sg huteella

"hanger"; nom. sg heaŋkkan, acc. sg heaŋkkana

"season"; nom. sg jahhkoðat, acc. sg jahhkoðaga

"clear sky"; nom. sg jaalahas, acc. sg jaalahasa

"s.t. that makes noise"; nom. sg jamaan, acc. sg jamaana

"extreme dryness"; nom. sg ja?njaðat, acc. sg ja?njaðaga

"unbelievable"; nom. sg jahkkemeahhtun, acc. sg jahkkemeahhtuma

"death"; nom. sg jaa?min, acc. sg jaa?mima

"little depression between mountains"; nom. sg leagaastat, acc. sg leagaastaga

"open hand"; nom. sg leáppogieðat, acc. sg leáppogieðaga

"slope"; nom. sg miehtalat, acc. sg miehtalaga

"short tree w. unruly growth"; nom. sg roahnit, acc. sg roahniha

"gooseberry"; nom. sg roámšjeret, acc. sg roámšjereha

"reindeer calf skin"; nom. sg miéssaðat, acc. sg miéssaðaga

"housewife"; nom. sg daalueamit, acc. sg daalueamiða

"spotted over the eyes"; nom. sg dikkalžalmat, acc. sg dikkalžalmaha

"Tuesday"; nom. sg diistat, acc. sg diistaga

"belt part"; nom. sg maaitton, acc. sg maaittona

"praise"; nom. sg maai?nu, acc. sg maainnu

"forest, bush"; nom. sg meáhhci, acc. sg meahci

"steering"; nom. sg mealli, acc. sg meali

"disposition"; nom. sg meannu, acc. sg meanu

"fishnet making tool"; nom. sg mearedi, acc. sg meartti

"sea"; nom. sg mearra, acc. sg meara

"reindeer sled"; nom. sg reahka, acc. sg reaga

"interest (financial)"; nom. & acc. sg reanttu

"surveillance"; nom. sg geáhhču, acc. sg geahču

"end"; nom. sg geahči, acc. sg geaži

"ability"; nom. sg gealabu, acc. sg gealppu

"floor, layer; turn"; nom. sg gearedi, acc. sg geartti

"sword"; nom. sg miéhhki, acc. sg miehki

"sternum"; nom. sg miélaga, acc. sg miélkka

"milk"; nom. sg miélehki, acc. sg miélhka

"noise"; nom. sg riečča, acc. sg rieja

"stakkars"; nom. sg riehpu, acc. sg riebu

"right, justice"; nom. sg riékti, acc. sg riéfti

"straight pin"; nom. sg riéu?nu, acc. sg riéunnu

"meadow"; nom. sg giéddi, acc. sg giétti

"cuckoo"; nom. sg giehka, acc. sg giega

"county"; nom. sg giélda, acc. sg gieltta

"prohibition"; nom. sg giéldu, acc. sg giélttu

"bit, morcel"; nom. sg moallu, acc. sg moalu

"confusion"; nom. sg moivi, acc. sg moívvi

"memory"; nom. sg muihtu, acc. sg muíhhtu

"frown"; nom. sg ruibi, acc. sg ruíppi

"messy person"; nom. sg ruivvan, acc. sg ruivana

"cheek"; nom. sg muohtu, acc. sg muoðu

"mold"; nom. sg muólodu, acc. sg muólttu

"strip of land between"; nom. sg muósski, acc. sg muoski

"wart"; nom. sg ruóbbi, acc. sg ruóppi

"mattress"; nom. sg guóddaa, acc. sg guóttaa

"roof of mouth"; nom. & acc. sg guó?mi

"load"; nom. sg guóre?mi, acc. sg guór?mi

"area, direction"; nom. sg guóulu, acc. sg guóullu

"bat, club"; nom. sg roadda, acc. sg roatta

"redness"; nom. sg roaðði, acc. sg roaði

"deep voice"; nom. & acc. sg roagga

"s.t. in bad condition (jalopy)"; nom. sg roahpi, acc. sg roabi

"wavy bit (on band of clothing)"; nom. & acc. sg roancci

"something bent"; nom. & acc. sg roaŋkki

"friction"; nom. & acc. sg goahca

"not windy"; nom. sg goalahki, acc. sg goalhki

"coal"; nom. sg goalla, acc. sg goala

"coldness"; nom. sg goallu, acc. sg goalu

"last name"; nom. sg goaragu, acc. sg goarkku

"s.t. that warms you"; nom. sg goaradu, acc. sg goarttu

"elder maternal aunt"; nom. & acc. sg goaski

"speed"; nom. sg leáhhtu, acc. sg leahtu

"homework"; nom. sg leaksu, acc. sg leawsu

"sock"; nom. sg leastu, ?acc. sg =?

"mild weather"; nom. sg liehmu, ?acc. sg =?

"nature"; nom. sg luónddu, acc. sg luónttu

"holiday"; nom. sg luó?mu, acc. sg luomu

"bear"; nom. sg guóuža, acc. sg guóučča

"stomach"; nom. sg čoauji, acc. sg čoaujji

"snow"; nom. sg muohta, acc. sg muóhhtaga

"rain"; nom. sg arevi, acc. sg arvvi

"user"; nom. & acc. sg an?ni

"lap"; nom. sg asski, acc. sg aaski

"helpful"; nom. sg aabas, acc. sg aahpasa

"hay-rack with hay"; nom. sg aahci, acc. sg aazi

"necessity"; nom. sg baaggu, acc. sg baakku

"pine cone"; nom. sg baahcat, acc. sg baahcaha

"bad-tasting"; nom. sg bahhča, ?acc. sg bahhčaga

"cliff"; nom. sg baakti, acc. sg baawfti

"period of time"; nom. sg baalli, acc. sg baali

"fright"; nom. sg ballu, acc. sg balu

"work"; nom. sg baragu, acc. sg barkku

"silly girl"; nom. sg hiimsi, acc. sg himssi

"axe handle"; nom. sg naððaa, acc. sg naðaa

"saw"; nom. & acc. sg sahaa

"torso, lap"; nom. sg salla, acc. sg sala

"distant whispering sound"; nom. sg saa?ma, acc. sg saama

"moose"; nom. & acc. sg saravaa

"sprinkle of rain"; nom. sg sawda, acc. sg sawtta

"heresay"; nom. sg saahka, acc. sg saaga

"fine-mesh fishnet"; nom. sg saai?ma, acc. sg saaimma

"fresh water"; nom. sg saaiva, acc. sg saaivva

"piece of meat"; nom. sg saalaga, acc. sg saalkka

"bag"; nom. sg seáhhka, acc. sg seahka

"silver"; nom. sg silaba, acc. sg silppa

"reason"; nom. sg sivva, acc. sg siva

"head"; nom. sg oaivi, acc. sg oaivvi

"sickness"; nom. sg daauda, acc. sg daautta

"business"; nom. sg gaaufpi, acc. sg gaafpi

"sheep"; nom. sg saawca, acc. sg saawcca

"color"; nom. sg iw?ni, acc. sg iwnni

"foot"; nom. sg juólegi, acc. sg juólkki

"accident"; nom. sg vahaat, acc. sg vahaaga

"sport"; nom. sg valaaštallan, acc. sg valaaštallama

"welfare arrangement"; nom. sg valljivuoðor?net, acc. sg valljivuoðor?nega

"hammer"; nom. sg veažir, acc. sg veahčira

"s.o. who tries to help but isn't helpful"; nom. sg veáhhkar, acc. sg veáhhkara

"tiny trout-like fish"; nom. sg veajit, acc. sg veajiha

"s.t. one has made"; nom. sg ruustet, acc. sg ruustega

"brownish animal"; nom. sg ruuškut, acc. sg ruuškuha

"scratch"; nom. sg ruohkastat, acc. sg ruohkastaga

"monetary; s.o. rich"; nom. sg ruðaalaš, acc. sg ruðaalačča

"reindeer that never calves"; nom. sg ro?noðat, acc. sg ro?noðaga

"place where people have been digging"; nom. sg rokkahat, acc. sg rokkahaga

"romantic"; nom. sg romantiihkalaš, acc. sg romantiihkalačča

"in small portions"; nom. sg uhhcanaš, acc. sg uhhcanačča

"roman"; nom. sg rumaanalaš, acc. sg rumaanalačča

"friend"; nom. sg ustit, acc. sg ustiba

"clear (sky)"; nom. sg jalahas, acc. sg jalahasa

"thunder"; nom. sg jamahus, acc. sg jamahusa

"truant"; nom. sg jaawkalas, acc. sg jaawkalasa

"comfort"; nom. sg jeððehus, acc. sg jeððehusa

"giant"; nom. sg jiehtanas, acc. sg jiehtanasa

"correctness"; nom. sg diivoðus, acc. sg diivoðusa

"expensive"; nom. sg diivrras, acc. sg diurasa

"support at least philosophically"; nom. sg doáhhtalus, acc. sg doáhhtalusa

"redaction"; nom. sg doaimahus, acc. sg doaimahusa

"stupid"; nom. sg doawfki, acc. sg doaffki

"s.o. who takes too much responsibility"; nom. sg dožžalas, acc. sg dožžalasa

"very stupid"; nom. sg gaaikkas, acc. sg gaaiga

"prayer"; nom. sg rwouhkus, acc. sg rwouhkusa

"ghost story"; nom. sg baltonasmuihtalus, acc. sg baltonasmuihtalusa

"sandwich"; nom. sg vajahas, acc. sg vajahasa

"reindeer having removed fur from horns"; nom. sg čaloaivi, acc. sg čaloaivja

"head"; nom. sg oaaivi, acc. sg oaaivvi

"totality"; nom. sg čaawdalohhku, acc. sg čaawdalogu

"human"; nom. & acc. sg humaana

"hectogram"; nom. & acc. sg hektu

"pearl"; nom. & acc. sg hela?mo

"cliff"; nom. sg heeŋge, acc. sg heeŋkke

"damp"; nom. sg heewro, acc. sg heevrro

"frigid"; nom. sg hiimuhea?me, acc. sg hiimuheame

"disturbed person"; nom. sg howro, acc. sg howrro

"mine (ore)"; nom. sg ruufki, acc. sg ruffki

"route (bus)"; nom. sg rufftu, acc. sg ruuftu

"letter"; nom. sg reive, acc. sg reiffe

"pair that belongs together"; nom. sg beeležat, acc. sg beeležaga

"political party"; nom. sg beeloðat, acc. sg beeloðaga

"siding with s.o. in a conflict but not speaking for him"; nom. sg beeloštus, acc. sg beeloštusa

"bark of tree (down to the wood)"; nom. sg beesoðat, acc. sg beesoðaga

"someone always complaining"; nom. sg biihkolas, acc. sg biihkolasa

"cleaning lady, baby sitter"; nom. sg bieigaa, acc. sg bieikka

"area"; nom. & acc. sg biira

"s.o. people laugh at"; nom. sg boogostat, acc. sg boogostaga

"burnable"; nom. sg buulaš, acc. sg buulaža

"dip (chips &...)"; nom. sg buunjostat, acc. sg buunjostaga

"porridge"; nom. sg buuru, acc. sg buvrru

"shed"; nom. sg buuri, acc. sg buvrri

"knife"; nom. sg buihku, acc. sg buíhhku

"shop"; nom. sg buuda, acc. sg buutta

"small, steep hill"; nom. sg ceekkeš, acc. sg ceekkeža

"reason"; nom. sg coohkolat, acc. sg coohkolaga

"shallow place in river"; nom. sg coohkoðat, acc. sg coohkoðaga

"nickname for s.o. clever"; nom. sg čehhpor, acc. sg čehhpora

"s.o. who yells"; nom. sg čeerkkon, acc. sg čeerkkona

"deepness"; nom. sg čii?njaðat, acc. sg čii?njaðaga

"seven's"; nom. sg čiižaš, acc. sg čiižaža

"s.t. used to take out fish guts"; nom. sg čoolon, acc. sg čoolona

"standing place"; nom. sg čuuččohat, acc. sg čuuččohaga

"food bowl for animals"; nom. sg čuuget, acc. sg čuugeha

"stick, jab"; nom. sg čuukkohat, acc. sg čuukkohaga

"Sirius"; nom. & acc. sg. gaalla

"forehead"; nom. & acc. sg gaallu

"cashier"; nom. & acc. sg gaassa

"residue from milking that you can give to the cat"; nom. & acc. sg gaassi

"s.t. that goes with"; nom. & acc. sg gulli

"dog that growls"; nom. & acc. sg. harri

"duck sp."; nom. & acc. sg hannja

"s.t. to do"; nom. sg homma, acc. sg hooma

"newcomer"; nom. sg hur'ri, acc. sg huurri

"flour"; nom. sg jaaffu, acc. sg jaafu

"s.t. that goes around"; nom. & acc. sg jor'ri

"cloth to make Saami clothing from"; nom. & acc. sg laaðði

"line"; nom. sg lin'nja, ?acc. sg linnja=?

"ruler"; nom. sg linnjar, acc. sg linnjara

"scythe"; nom. & acc. sg liš'šaa

"pocket"; nom. sg lum'ma, acc. sg luumma

"design"; nom. & acc. sg maalle

"calm"; nom. sg maaššil, acc. sg maašila

"boundaries, limits"; nom. sg merren, acc. sg merrema

"mill (wind- etc)"; nom. sg millu, acc. sg miilu/millo

"dairy thing"; nom. & acc. sg mis'su

"person with baggy pants (skateboarder)"; nom. & acc. sg nalli

"joke"; nom. & acc. sg naarra

"nun"; nom. & acc. sg nonna

"s.t. that is stable"; nom. sg & acc. or'ru

"boat stave"; nom. & acc. sg staaffu

"creativity"; nom. & acc. sg kreativiteehta

"university"; nom. & acc. sg üniveršiteehta

"marathon"; nom. & acc. sg maratoona

"return"; nom. sg maahcahat, acc. sg maahcahaga

"s.t. about children"; nom. sg maanaaskas, acc. sg maanaaskasa

"possible"; nom. sg maasolaš, acc. sg maasolačča

"food, meal"; nom. sg borramuš, acc. sg borramuša

"s.t. about blood"; nom. sg varahat, acc. sg varahaga

"nice (person)"; nom. sg smaðaahkis, acc. sg smaðaahka

"Henrik"; nom. sg heandarat, acc. sg heandaraga

"Johanes"; nom. sg juhanas, acc. sg juhanasa

"measurement"; nom. sg mihhtaðus, acc. sg mihhtaðusa

"downhill"; nom. sg miihtolat, acc. sg miihtolaga

"minister"; nom. sg miniistar, acc. sg miniistara

"curve in road"; nom. sg mohhkalat, acc. sg mohhkalaga

"kidney"; nom. sg monemuš, acc. sg monemučča

"kidney-shaped"; nom. sg monemušhaamat, acc. sg monemušhaamaha

"foot-shaped"; nom. sg juólagehaamat, acc. sg juólagehaamaha

"V°lund"; nom. sg vöölün, acc. sg vöölüna

"musician"; nom. sg musihkar, acc. sg musihkara

"mathematician"; nom. sg maatematihkar, acc. sg maatematihkara

"machanic"; nom. sg mekaanihkar, acc. sg mekaanihkara

"vogn"; nom. sg vou?na, acc. sg vounna

"place where you sink in"; nom. sg vuujohat, acc. sg vuujohaga

"reindeer (3 year old)"; nom. & acc. sg vuobis

"driver"; nom. & acc. sg vuóžži

"butter"; nom. sg vuočča, acc. sg vuoja

"swimming"; nom. sg vuoččan, acc. sg vuoččama

"bottom"; nom. sg vuoððu, acc. sg vuoðu

"reason"; nom. sg vuoðus, acc. sg vuoððusa

"how one does things, manner"; nom. sg vuohki, acc. sg vuogi

"father in law"; nom. sg vuóhhpa, acc. sg vuohpa

"doer"; nom. & acc. sg dahhki

"doing"; nom. sg dahhku, acc. sg dagu

"heather"; nom. sg danjas, acc. sg da?njasa

"sad"; nom. sg darefi, acc. sg darffi

"north"; nom. sg davvi, acc. sg davi

"this one"; nom. sg daabba, acc. sg daappa

"roof"; nom. sg dahhki, acc. sg daahki

"habit"; nom. sg daahpi, acc. sg daabi

"wish"; nom. sg dahhtu, acc. sg daahtu

"ability"; nom. sg daaidu, acc. sg daaittu

"dough"; nom. sg daaigi, acc. sg daaikki

"bone"; nom. sg daakti, acc. sg daafti

"bad weather"; nom. sg daalehki, acc. sg daalhki

"plate"; nom. sg dalearahka, acc. sg dalearhka

"place (chez)"; nom. sg daallu, acc. sg daalu

"winter"; nom. sg daalevi, acc. sg daalvvi

"female horse"; nom. & acc. sg daamma

"tank"; nom. & acc. sg taaŋka

"need"; nom. sg daarabu, acc. sg daarppu

"level"; nom. sg daassi, acc. sg daasi

"bow (weapon)"; nom. sg daaugi, acc. sg daaukki

"product of weaving Saami belt"; nom. sg daauli, acc. sg daaulli

"fish soup"; nom. sg daawru, acc. sg daawrru

"weight"; nom. sg deaddu, acc. sg deattu

"tea (prepared)"; nom. sg deačča, acc. sg deaja

"deck"; nom. sg deáhhka, acc. sg deahka

"meat"; nom. sg deáhkki, acc. sg deahki

"finding where one is going"; nom. sg deaivu, acc. sg deaivvu

"text"; nom. sg teaksta, acc. sg teausta

"hill"; nom. sg deare?mi, acc. sg dear?mi

"a dairy product"; nom. sg deara?na, acc. sg dear?na

"large river"; nom. sg dea?nu, acc. sg deanu

"salmon sp."; nom. sg diddi, acc. sg ditti

"pompom"; nom. sg diéhhpi, acc. sg diehpi

"eye disease"; nom. sg dieigi, acc. sg dieikki

"spot, stain"; nom. sg diélahku, acc. sg diélhku

"man"; nom. sg dieudu, acc. sg dieuttu

"dispute, trial, parliament"; nom. sg diggi, acc. sg dikki

"hour"; nom. sg dii?mu, acc. sg diimmu

"superstition"; nom. sg diida, acc. sg diitta/dieitta

"situation; available time"; nom. sg dilli, acc. sg dili

"naked person"; nom. sg direhči, acc. sg dirhči

"function"; nom. sg doai?ma, acc. sg doaimma

"belief"; nom. sg doaivu, acc. sg doaivvu

"s.t. about runing horses"; nom. sg doalevi, acc. sg doalvvi

"clumsy person"; nom. & acc. sg doaŋgi

"tower"; nom. sg doara?na, acc. sg doar?na

"fight"; nom. sg doarru, acc. sg doaru

"box"; nom. sg doassa, acc. sg doasa

"sp. blood sausage"; nom. sg doggi, acc. sg dokki

"sausage"; nom. sg maarefi, acc. sg maarffi

"feather"; nom. sg dolegi, acc. sg dolkki

"inside-out rein skin dress"; nom. sg doorahka, acc. sg dorhhka

"musical horn"; nom. sg doreve, acc. sg dorvve

"expert"; nom. & acc. sg doudi

"feeling"; nom. sg doudu, acc. sg douttu

"handful of hair"; nom. sg duhhki, acc. sg duuhki

"slow person"; nom. sg duihpi, acc. sg duíhhpi

"translator"; nom. sg dulahka, acc. sg dulhka

"river with high water"; nom. sg dulevi, acc. sg dulvvi

"handicrafts"; nom. sg duóčči, acc. sg duoji

"clump in hair"; nom. sg duóggi, acc. sg duókki

"background"; nom. sg duohki, acc. sg duogi

"rein skin"; nom. sg duóll.ji, ?acc. sg duóllji =?

"toll"; nom. sg duóllu, acc. sg duollu

"filth"; nom. sg duólava, acc. sg duolvva

"judgement"; nom. sg duó?mu, acc. sg duomu

"musical key (major)"; nom. sg duura, acc. sg duvrra

"messy person"; nom. sg duredi, acc. sg durtti

"researcher"; nom. & acc. sg dusski

"garbage dump"; nom. sg duu?ni, acc. sg duunni

"pond"; nom. sg laattu, acc. sg laaddo

"threshhold"; nom. sg lassa, acc. sg lasa

"team"; nom. sg laahka, acc. sg laaga

"bread"; nom. sg laaibi, acc. sg laaippi

"yarn"; nom. sg laaigi, acc. sg laaikki

"lazy person"; nom. & acc. sg laihka

"lease"; nom. sg laaigu, acc. sg laaikku

"glass (window)"; nom. & acc. sg laase

"singer"; nom. & acc. sg laawlu

"song"; nom. sg laawla, acc. sg laawlaga

"shed type"; nom. & acc. sg leade

"tree sp."; nom. sg leaibi, acc. sg leaippi

"joke"; nom. sg leaihka, acc. sg leaihhka

"camp; clay"; nom. sg leaaira, acc. sg leaairra

"possibility"; nom. sg liiba, acc. sg liippa

"what you can spare"; nom. sg liigi, acc. sg liikki

"corpse"; nom. & acc. sg liihka

"skin (human)"; nom. sg lihhki, acc. sg liihki

"sleeping place"; nom. sg loaidu, acc. sg loaittu

"drawer"; nom. & acc. sg loða

"cow toilet"; nom. & acc. sg loore

"release"; nom. sg luoihtu, acc. sg luoíhhtu

"peace"; nom. & acc. sg raafi

"reindeer train"; nom. sg raaidu, acc. sg raaittu

"trip"; nom. sg reaisu, acc. sg reaissu

"conflict"; nom. sg riidu, acc. sg riittu

"rake; snail"; nom. sg riifu, acc. sg riiffu

"snail; boat part"; nom. & acc. sg riihpu

"very skinny animal"; nom. sg ruigu, acc. sg ruikku

"stew"; nom. sg ruihtu, acc. sg ruíhhtu

"thick smoke"; nom. sg ruivi, acc. sg ruivvi

"wooden food basket"; nom. & acc. sg saave

"page"; nom. sg siidu, acc. sg sieittu

"travel conditions"; nom. sg siivu, acc. sg sieivvu

"scale (system of measure)"; nom. & acc. sg skaalaa

"magpie"; nom. & acc. sg skiire

"opening"; nom. sg skuihti, acc. sg skuíhhti

"animal"; nom. & acc. sg spiire

"state"; nom. sg staahta, acc. sg staaða

"reflective road edge markers"; nom. sg stihhka, acc. sg stiga ?

"can"; nom. & acc. sg stoobe

"twig"; nom. sg rissi, acc. sg riissi

"bit of"; nom. sg binna, acc. sg biinna

"gun"; nom. & acc. sg bissu

"eyelid"; nom. sg luó?ma, acc. sg luoma

"footprint, road"; nom. sg luódda, acc. sg luotta

"big split something"; nom. sg luóttot, acc. sg luóttoha

"dirt"; nom. & acc. sg luón?ni

"small caliber"; nom. sg luóðahea?me, acc. sg luóðaheame

"projectile"; nom. sg luoðða, acc. sg luoða

"whiner"; nom. sg luojaan, acc. sg luojaana

"grassy mountain slope"; nom. sg luóhhka, acc. sg luohka

"creek"; nom. sg luókta, acc. sg luofta

"multe"; nom. sg luomi, acc. sg luó?mana

"salmon"; nom. sg luossa, acc. sg luosa

"light strand of rein hair"; nom. sg luóssti, acc. sg luosti

"joik"; nom. sg luohti, acc. sg luoði

"loose snow"; nom. sg luóssku, acc. sg luosku

"scaffolding"; nom. sg luovvi, acc. sg luovi

"wood fishing float"; nom. sg luóudi, acc. sg luóutti

"trick"; nom. & acc. sg goansta

"foot part of ski"; nom. sg beannjis, acc. sg beaða?nja

"s.o unaccustomed to doing X"; nom. sg doaŋkkas

"mercy"; nom. sg aara?mo, acc. sg aar?mo

"Saami dress"; nom. sg gaakti, acc. sg gaafti

"blanket, cover"; nom. sg goufčas, acc. sg gokčasa

"famous"; nom. sg beakkalmas, acc. sg beakkalmasa

"heel"; nom. sg šuššmi, acc. sg šuušmi

"reputation"; nom. sg beaggin, acc. sg beaggima

"s.o constantly talked about"; nom. sg beakkus, acc. sg beággusa

"wind"; nom. sg biégga, acc. sg biekka

"den"; nom. sg biečču, acc. sg bieju

"husband"; nom. sg boan?nji, acc. sg boa?nji/boan?nja

"bow-legged"; nom. sg boakkas

"bow-legged person"; nom. sg boaggi, acc. sg boakki

"something for dipping in"; nom. sg buón?njomuš, acc. sg buón?njomuša

"foothold"; nom. sg coakci, acc. sg coafci

"membrane"; nom. sg cuózza, acc. sg cuocca

"ice bridge"; nom. sg cuókca, acc. sg cuofca

"short-legged animal"; nom. sg čean?nji, ?acc. sg čea?nji/=

"s.t. springy, strong"; nom. sg číkčil, acc. sg číkčila

"avid collector"; nom. sg čoakkan, acc. sg čoakkana

"fish skin"; nom. sg čuo?ma, acc. sg čuoma

"shin of rein"; nom. sg čuóžžamas, acc. sg čuóžžamasa

"chest (furniture)"; nom. sg buumba, acc. sg bumppa

"boy"; nom. sg gaanda, acc. sg gaantta

"fence"; nom. sg aaidi, acc. sg aaitti

"field"; nom. sg giéddi, acc. sg giétti

"staff"; nom. sg soabbi, acc. sg soappi

"owl"; nom. sg skuólefi, acc. sg skuólffi

"salary"; nom. sg baalahka, acc. sg baalhka

"chain for hanging pot from"; nom. sg riggi, acc. sg rikki

"outlet"; nom. sg lusspi, acc. sg luuspi

"tanning liquor from willow"; nom. sg osstu, acc. sg oostu

"gift"; nom. & acc. sg skeeŋkka

"pouch (under blouse)"; nom. sg ohhca, acc. sg oza

"jam"; nom. & acc. sg meastu

"band, rope"; nom. sg baaddi, acc. sg baatti

"shawl"; nom. sg lii?ni, acc. sg liinni

"skin"; nom. sg nahhki, acc. sg naahki

"week"; nom. & acc. sg vahhku

"dress"; nom. & acc. sg beaska

"meeting"; nom. sg čoáhhkin, acc. sg čoáhhkima

"eager"; nom. sg aaŋgir, acc. sg aaŋgira

"shore"; nom. sg gaaddi, acc. sg gaatti

"nest"; nom. sg beassi, acc. sg beasi

"club (organization)"; nom. sg searevi, acc. sg searvvi

"bowl"; nom. sg spaabba, acc. sg spaappa

"pain"; nom. sg baaufčas, acc. sg baakčasa

"dinner"; nom. sg maalis, acc. sg maallasa

"fest(ival)"; nom. & acc. sg feasta

"cabinet"; nom. & acc. sg skaabe

"hunt"; nom. sg biudu, acc. sg biuttu

"wing"; nom. sg soačči, acc. sg soaji

"door"; nom. sg uksa, acc. sg uussa

"ring"; nom. sg suer?mos, acc. sg suéro?mosa

"cup"; nom. sg goáhhpu, acc. sg goahpu

"factory"; nom. sg faabrihhka, acc. sg faabriihka

"faculty"; nom. & acc. sg fakulteehta

"profession"; nom. & acc. sg faaga

"counterfitter"; nom. sg faalskar, acc. sg faalskara

"physics"; nom. sg fysihhka, acc. sg fysiihka

"freight"; nom. sg fraakta, acc. sg fraafta

"phonologist"; nom. & acc. sg fonolooga

"formant"; nom. & acc. sg formaanta

"frequency"; nom. sg frekveansa, acc. sg frekveanssa

"organ (anat.)"; nom. & acc. sg orgaana

"origin (geom.)"; nom. & acc. sg oriigu

"optician"; nom. sg uptihhkar, acc. sg uptihhkara

"captain"; nom. sg kapteai?na, acc. sg kapteainna

"opponent"; nom. & acc. sg upuneantta

"chapel"; nom. & acc. sg kapealla

"sill"; nom. sg gaara?ma, acc. sg gaar?ma

"calcium"; nom. sg kaalahka, acc. sg kaalhka