. . . . . . . . . Jeffrey J. Holliday


I am a visiting assistant professor in the Department of Korean Language and Literature at Korea University. I received my PhD from the Department of Linguistics at the Ohio State University in June 2012. From August 2012 until May 2015 I was a post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Second Language Studies at Indiana University Bloomington.

My broad research interests are phonetics, language acquisition, and Korean. More specifically, I work a lot on sibilant fricatives (in English and East Asian languages), the acquisition of phonological contrasts (both L1 and L2), and sociophonetics (Korean dialectal variation, gender variation). Most of my published work can be downloaded here.

The pictures on your left

The pictures on the left were taken by me in December 2007. The first one is the Geunjeongjeon in Gyeongbok Palace in Seoul. This is the largest hall in the palace, where the king (back when there *was* a king of Korea) would meet visitors. The second picture is a plate of kimchi. The third picture is a typical subway station sign in Seoul. This was taken when that particular station was under some construction. If you can read Chinese you'll get why it's funny.

Contact me

My OSU alias is jeffh. You can e-mail me at my aforementioned OSU alias at ling dot ohio-state dot edu. My KU alias is holliday. You can also reach me at my aforementioned KU alias at korea dot ac dor kr.