David Dowty

  Professor of Linguistics


Autumn Quarter 2005: Schedule:

Classes and meetings:
W 01:30 pm-03:30 pm - Meeting
T,R 11:30 am-12:20 pm - 795(Lazenby 018)
Office Hours:
T,R 01:30 pm - 02:30 pm
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Office Address:

Linguistics, 209 Oxley Hall
Ohio State University
1712 Neil Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210




Office phone: 614 292-5400
FAX: 614 292-4273


Research Areas

Semantic and Syntactic Theory
Lexical Semantics and Thematic Roles
Categorial Grammars
Semantics of Tense and Aspect


Current Research Interests

Resumptive Negation. Arguments about dative alternations; Adjuncts as complements and complements as adjuncts; Conceptions of `compositionality'; Categorial/type-logical grammar and the phenogrammatics/tectogrammatics distinction. The semantic correlates of complement diatheses (`argument alternations'). Lexical semantics and lexical rules in general.

 (In syntax, Categorial Grammar and (Type Logical Grammar) as linguistic theories (especially non-constituent coordination, wrapping).


'Resumptive Negation as Assertion Revision' (pdf file) (Draft of 5/26/06 -- please do not cite)
`Compositionality as an Empirical Problem' (.pdf file) Papers from the Brown University Conference on Direct Compositionality (In Press), edited Chris Barker and Polly Jacobson, Oxford University Press



Selected Papers

``The Dual Analysis of Adjuncts and Complements in Categorial Grammar'' (pdf), in Modifying Adjuncts, ed. Lang, Maienborn, and Fabricius-Hansen, de Gruyter, 2003 , (Also in ps.gz) (Earlier version published in ZAS Papers in Linguistics 17, 2000)

``The semantic asymmetry of `argument alternations' (and why it matters)'' (pdf), Making Sense: From Lexeme to Discourse, in Groninger Arbeiten zur germanistischen Linguistik Nr. 44, ed. Geart van der Meer and Alice G. B. ter Meulen, Center for Language and Cognition Groningen, Groningen 2001, [Note: this is an abbreviated version of a longer paper in preparation.]

``Non-Constituent Coordination, Wrapping,and Multimodal Categorial Grammars'' (gzipped postscript) (gzipped .dvi)[expanded draft of Aug 96 paper from International Congress of Logic, Methodology, in M. L. Dalla Chiara et al. (eds.) Structures and Norms in Science, 347--368, 1997]

 ``The Role of Negative Polarity and Concord Marking in Natural Language Reasoning'' (gzipped postscript), SALT IV, 1994.

 `` Variable-Free' Syntax, Variable-Binding Syntax, the Natural Deduction Lambek Calculus, and the Crossover Constraint'' (gzipped postscript) [1992 WCCFL]

[with Chris Barker] ``"Nominal thematic proto-roles" 1993 [unpublished draft of an expanded version of "Non-verbal thematic proto-roles," NELS 1992] (gzipped postscript)

``Toward a Minimalist Theory of Syntactic Structure'' (.pdf file), Discontinuous Constituency, ed. Harry Bunt and Arthur van Horck, Mouton (1995) pp.~11-62., [originally presented at the 1989 Tilburg Conference on Syntactic Discontinuity].

List of Older Publications, 1971-1996 (aprox.)


Some older papers that are not easiy to obtain, which I have been asked for copies of

"Same and Different: A Response to Stump and Carlson", unpublished talk given at a conference at the University of Texas in 1985.

Thematic Proto-Roles and Argument Selection (.ps) (.pdf)(Prepublication version, superseded by version published in Language 67.3: 547-619 (1990). [also published in Semantics: Critical Concepts, ed. Gutierrez-Rexach, Rutledge, IV:221-244 (2003). )

"Toward a Minimalist Theory of Syntactic Structure" (See publication information above.)

[With William A. Ladusaw] "Toward a Nongrammatical Account of Thematic Roles" Syntax and Semantics vol. 21: Thematic Relations, ed. Culicover and Wilkins, Academic Press, 1988. (o.o.p.)

[With Pauline Jacobson] "Agreement as a Semantic Phenomenon." 1988. Proceedings of Eastern States Conference on Linguistics, Columbus: OSU Dept. of Linguistics. See important note about this paper


The books Word Meaning and Montague Grammar and Introduction to Montague Semantics, originally published in the Kluwer Synthese Language Library are now available in Springer's series Springer Classic Titles in Linguistics


Handouts from Presentations

``The Dynamic Adjunct-to-Argument Reanalysis Hypothesis and the Problem of Prepositions'', invited presentation, University of Tuebingen Conference on Recent Developments in Semantics, Blaubeuren, Germany, October 9-16, 1994.

``Argument Alternation and Predicate Semantic Transfer'', invited lecture, the 12th Annual Conference of the Israel Association for Theoretical Linguistics, Hebrew University, June 17-18, 1996, Jerusalem, Israel.

``Argument Alternations, Lexical Polysemy, and Thematic Roles,'' University of Goteborg, May 4, 1998; University of Oslo, May 6, 1998; University of Bergen, May 6, 1998 Abstract (Handout .ps)

``Anaphora and Type Logical Grammar'', Stanford University Linguistics Colloquium, January 19, 1999, (Abstract .ps) (Hdt1.ps, Hdt2.ps, Hdt3.ps)


Great Moments in the History of Syntax:

The Invention of the Trace (1847)