Clippers: A computational linguistics discussion group (Brew, 795Y, Winter 2003)

Clippers is our forum for informal discussion of all issues related to computational linguistics: from work in progress of visitors and people in the department, over presentation of new papers, to practical concerns such as hints on the use of CL related software tools.

To see what happened in previous quarters of Clippers, you can check out the pages of some previous quarters: Autumn 02 Spring 02, Autumn 01

Everyone with an interest in computational linguistics is most welcome!

When and where: Mondays at 1730-1900 or in Oxley 309 5:30-7:00 (unless other room/time is explicitly mentioned). New location for Feb 17: Campbell Hall CM 0271. Reason: Oxley 309 is way too airless when there are lots of us.

The plan:

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