Lab assignment 2 on "Calculating fundamental frequency"

Ling 600.01 Phonetic Theory

We will do this lab in the second class meeting of Week 2. So prepare the first part of your report for that day. The final report on this lab should be submitted as an appendix to the report on take-home exercise 2 on "Rugao tones".

Get the files nga1.wav and nga3.wav from the directory for the takehome exercise on Rugao tone patterns and open each file in praat and listen to it. For each file, write a phrase or sentence describing the pitch contour that you hear over the recorded word. Then think of two different ways in which you could measure the fundamental frequency over four or five pitch periods at the beginning and at the end of each word. Be prepared to demonstrate at least one of these measurement techniques in class. If the technique you want to demonstrate requires that you calculate correlations and such, and you don't know how to do that with the software that you already have on your computer, please let me know what those calculations are so that I can be prepared to help you demonstrate the calculation using the R software package. Your statement of "materials" should be a brief (one or two sentence) description of each of the two different ways that you thought of to measure the F0, as well as your descriptions of the pitch contours that you heard in the nga1.wav and nga3.wav words.

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