Mary E. Beckman
Professor Emeritus of Linguistics,
Ohio State University.

general areas of specialization are
laboratory phonology
acoustic phonetics and speech science
phonetics and phonetics

more specific research interests include
phonological acquisition
East Asian languages
intonation and prosody

research interest group affiliations cover
language acquisition
phonetics and phonology
language variation and change

publications and such are listed in
a reasonably current CV [pdf]
links to some downloadable papers

nitty gritty

  • a list of links to random advice is periodically udated here
  • contact information: The easiest way to get in touch with me is by e-mail (beckman.2 at osu dot edu).

recent courses

  • Ling 7890.05 (formerly Ling 795.47) -- Seminar Discussion Groups: Language Acquisition, Autumn 2013-Spring 2016
  • Ling 5051 -- Quantitative Methods, Spring 2014 & Spring 2016. This is a graduate course that I, Keith Johnson, and Michael Broe developed in the 1990s, and was the basis for the idea that the department could develop Ling 2051 (see below). My colleague Bridget Smith co-taught the course with me both times that I taught it most recently. We used the textbook that we developed for Ling 2051 as a supplementary text and Keith Johnson's Quantitative Methods in Linguistics as the primary textbook. This is one of two textbooks that have been developed in this course. The other is Shravan Vasishth and Michael Broe's Foundations of Statistics: A Simulation-based Approach. You can appreciate the recent acceleration of developments in this area by noting that the latter book was described in 2014 as already having "been superceded" by the lecture notes for Professor Vasishth's annual summer course, as described here
  • Ling 8100 -- Seminar in Advanced Phonetics, Autumn 2015 -- on the topic of the speech science of speech synthesis. My colleague Andrew Plummer developed new materials for this course and co-taught it with me.
  • Ling 7091 (formerly Ling 801) -- Historical Linguistics I (Historical Phonology), May Session 2014
  • Ling 5101 (formerly Ling 600.01) -- Phonetic Theory, Autumn 2014. My colleague Bridget Smith co-taught the course with me.
  • Ling 2051 and Ling 2051H (formerly Ling 286 and Ling 286H) -- Analyzing the Sounds of Languages, Autumn 2012 (These are the regular version and the honors version of an undergraduate course that is designed to fill the data analysis GEC requirement. We use a textbook on statistics and probability that Anouschka Foltz, Bridget Smith, and I wrote.)

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