VENUE: 122 Oxley Hall

1/10ALLOrganizational; initial sign-up and schedulingHope
1/17Shuan KarimQP1 workshopping on Akkadian ā€˜eā€™Brian
1/24ALLLSA RecapMartha
1/31ALL"5 minute" presentations by all participants: Brief introductions to and discussion of research plans, such as potential class projects or QP topics that are still in the sketchy stages but could be helped by feedback Don
2/7ALLDiscussion of classic article: Guy Bailey, Tom Wikle, Jan Tillery, Lori Sand: The apparent time construct (1991); Henning Andersen: Understanding linguistic innovations (1989)Gina
2/14ALLDiscussion of article by upcoming guest speaker (TBA)Riley
2/21Gina NdociPractice talk/QP1 brainstorming: "Well-wishing expressions as leave-takings in Modern Greek" Shuan
2/28Carrie Ann MorganWork on AlbanianClint
3/7Johnny BundschuhPractice talk: American Association of Teachers of Japanese conferenceJohnny
3/21Antonio Hernadezarticle discussion (TBA)Antonio
3/28Nandi SimsQP dry runBjörn
4/4Carly Dickerson;Shuan KarimQP dry runCarly
4/11Clint AwaiQP dry runNandi
4/18Björn KöhnlienCareer GrantTBA