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Program of the Workshop on

Interfaces of Intelligent Computer-Assisted Language Learning
The Ohio State University, December 17, 2006

(The pre-workshop courses by Kathleen McCoy, Eckhard Bick, and Susan Bull on Dec 14-16 are described here.)

The workshop will take place in Hagerty Hall, Room 255.


Opening Remarks

8:45 - The Role of Interfaces in ICALL

Luiz Amaral and Detmar Meurers – The Ohio State University


Session 1 - Content Evaluation and Text Mining in ICALL

9:15 -  Authentic, Individualized Practice for English as a Second Language Vocabulary

Michael Heilman and Maxine Eskenazi – Language Technologies Institute at Carnegie Mellon University

9:45 -  Computation of Grammaticality and Semantic Correctness of Composition Exercises for Language


 Patrick Suppes, Michael Boettner, and Robert Smith Jr. – Stanford University

10:15 - A Surface-processing Approach to Content Assessment of Reading-comprehension Exercises

 Stacey Bailey – The Ohio State University

10:45 - 11:15  Coffee Break

Session 2 - ICALL and Second Language Acquisition Research

11:15 -  Measuring L2 Development in an ICALL Context

  Ken Petersen - Georgetown University

11:45 -  Learner Variability and Student Modeling

  Mathias Schulze – University of Waterloo, Canada

12:15 - Corpus Applications for Awareness-raising Activities in Telecollaborative Foreign Language

 Teaching: the case of German modal particles

  Nina Vyatkina – Penn State University

12:45 - 2:00  Lunch

Session 3 - Error Detection in ICALL

2:00 -  Detecting Grammatical Errors Using Probabilistic Parsing

Joachim Wagner, Jennifer Foster and Josef van Genabith – National Center for Language Technology, Dublin City University

2:30 -  Exploiting NLP to Derive Learner Error Likelihood Probabilities

Nicolaus Mote and Lewis Johnson – CARTE, Information Sciences Institute. University of Southern California

3:00 -  Head-lexicalized PCFGs for Verb Subcategorization Error Diagnosis in ICALL

Vanessa Metcalf and Adriane Boyd – The Ohio State University

3:30 - 4:00  Coffee Break

Session 4 - Focus-on-Form and Language Awareness Activities

4:00 -  Gender and Handedness: NLG and L2 French  

Greg Lessard and Michael Levison – Queen’s University, Canada

4:30 -  Multi-layer Perception System for Automatic Tagging of the Arab Words

Mohsen Maraoui, Georges Antoniadis, and Mounir Zrigui – LIDILEM Laboratory, Stendhal University (Grenoble – France), and RIADI Laboratory (Monastir – Tunisia)

5:00 -  Exploring Authentic Text in ICALL: The WERTi system

Detmar Meurers and Vanessa Metcalf – The Ohio State University

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