Planned Linguistics Talks
Spring 2019

Talks for the semester will be scheduled over the next few weeks. Please check back regularly for updates.

First half of the semester talks
Ellen DosseyPhonetic Imitation of Southern American EnglishTuesday, February 19th11:00amLazenby Hall 034
Kevin LilleyTBATuesday, February 19th11:00amMacQuigg Laboratory 162
Scott SeyfarthLearnability and organization of inflected word formsFriday, March 1st11:00amSmith Laboratory 1005

Second half of the semester talks
Lauren SquiresSociolinguistic variation in social mediaMonday, March 25th1:00pmTownsend Hall 247
John RossPerceiving phonetic imitation of unfamiliar dialectsTuesday, April 9th1:00pmJournalism Building 270
Hope DawsonsTopics in Child Language AcquisitionThursday, April 18th5:30pmJennings Hall 155

Click here for the listing of planned linguistics experiments.