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Research Groups

  • In the Department of Linguistics, the computational linguistics group consists of four faculty members, William Schuler, Michael White, Micha Elsner and Marie-Catherine de Marneffe and their students, who together are working on a wide range of topics in theory and in data-driven CL
    • computational psycholinguistics
    • incremental parsing and interpretation
    • natural language generation
    • spoken dialogue systems
    • speech synthesis
    • discourse structure
    • lexical and phonetic acquisition
    • computational pragmatics

  • The Speech and Language Technologies (SLATE) lab, led by Eric Fosler-Lussier, is the locus of CLLT activities in Computer Science and Engineering. Its research spans the areas of Speech Recognition, Spoken Dialog Systems, and Discourse Processing.

  • Alan Ritter will join us in Fall 2014, as an assitant professor in CSE!