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Clippers (Autumn 2010)

This is a weekly forum open to anyone with an interest in computational linguistics. We plan a varied schedule of work in progress presentations and general discussion. We're aiming to keep things accessible to anyone with a basic understanding of linguistics. Computational linguists or potential computational linguists should attend on a regular basis and may sign up for 1 hour of credit (possibly 2 if presenting). Others (including undergraduates) are welcome to drop in on an ad hoc basis.

The instigators are the CLLT faculty (Brew, Dennis, Fosler-Lussier, Petrov, Schuler, White). We're calling it Clippers, following the example of the other spirited discussion groups in the Linguistics department: Changelings, Commies, Lacqueys, Phonies, Pragmatics, the Psycholinguistics Lab Meeting, So Mean and Synners. If you want you can think of the name as a quasi-acronym for Computational Linguistics and Information Processing (or not).

To check out previous quarters' schedules, follow this link.

Important: Please be sure to subscribe to our local computational linguistics mailing list on which all Clippers sessions and talks are announced.

This quarter we will meet in Hagerty Hall 0050, 1:30-2:48. The plan, as usual, is to start each session with 10-15 minutes of open discussion — usually consisting of news, announcements and the Paul Davis Moment — and then to continue with the following topics:



Discussion Leader


24 Sep

Michael White

Organizational meeting

1 Oct

Steve Boxwell

EMNLP practice

8 Oct

Jon Dehdari

Morphological Features for Parsing Morphologically-rich Languages: A Case of Arabic

15 Oct

Nick Ellis and Matt O'Donnell (U Michigan)

Exploring Zipfian Distributions in English Verb Argument Constructions

22 Oct

Rajakrishnan Rajkumar

Designing Agreement Features for Realization Ranking

29 Oct

David Howcroft / Various

NSF GRF Proposal: Text Simplification / Internship Reports

5 Nov

Dennis Mehay and Dominic Espinosa

Prior Features in Supertagging Models

12 Nov

Yi Ma

Readability Assessment

19 Nov

Andrew Plummer

Conceptual Foundations for Vowel Category Acquisition

26 Nov


(no clippers)

3 December

Dennis Mehay

CCG and MT

Last modified: October 26, 2010