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Academic Programs at OSU

Doctoral Programs

Graduate students interested in pursuing studies in Computational Linguistics and Language Technology have the choice of making either Linguistics or Computer Science their home department. Students in either program will take many of the same classes, and although a student's primary thesis advisor should be in his or her home department, students have many opportunities to work on research projects with faculty members from other departments through classes, independent study projects, or by assembling faculty from several departments for the thesis committee.

However, there are important distinctions between the two programs, and students must think carefully about which program is right for them. We have assembled a FAQ to help prospective doctoral students explore information relevant to the graduate programs. The full Graduate Program descriptions are on the web sites of CSE and Linguistics. Students who wish to be considered in both programs may apply to both.

Masters Programs

The Linguistics program does not have an independent Masters program. CSE offers a Master's program with research option, although research support is not currently available for students in the terminal master's program.

Undergraduate Studies

We offer a variety of classes of interest to undergraduates, whether you want to study computational linguistics and language technology in depth or just get a quick taste. This page has pointers to the relevant class descriptions. Students should work with their undergraduate program advisors to find out how to work these courses into their program of study. In addition, the Linguistics Department offers a targeted minor for undergraduates majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. For details on the targeted minor, click here or contact the current Undergraduate Advisor in Linguistics.

Courses Offered

  • A list of CL courses offered through the Linguistics Department can be found here.
  • For CSE courses related to CL, click here.