Software, Corpora, etc.

Prague Dependency Treebank - morphologically and syntactically annotated corpus (about 2 MWo)
      Online Access to Syntax Annotation, PDT 2.0
Czech National Corpus (Public Access)
Prague Czech-English Dependency Treebank - paralel corpus (translation of 20K sentences from Penn Treebank 3 and 50K sentences from Reader's Digest)
Czech Academic Corpus -- 550 KWo from 1970s and 1980s.
Czech Literary Anthology at Brown with translations and audio.

Morph. tags: Quick Reference, Detailed Reference Online Morphological generator / analyzer and tagger (currently not working)
Czech Free Morphology Download
Taggers: Markov Model tagger, Feature-based tagger
Xerox Czech demos - tokenization, morph. analysis, POS disambiguation
Lexical Annotation Workbench
Guide to Czech Parsing
Tree viewers and editors
Tree Editor TrEd - A graphical editor and viewer of trees and annotation tool for Windows, Linux and Unix systems written in Perl.
Graph - A graphical editor and viewer of trees and annotation tool for Windows.
Netgraph - viewer of online syntax (surface and deep) trees
PDT format to Penn Treebank format conversion
Dependency trees <-> PS trees
Compact tags <->Positional tags
Valex - Valency Lexicon of Czech Verbs
Seznam, WinGED, Wordbook, Translator, Slovnik, a list at Seznam, Links to various English-Czech dictionaries
Agile system - automatic generation of CAD/CAM manuals in Czech, Bulgarian, Russian and English.

Other Links

General Links: Czech at wiki, Bohemica, Czech at BBC, Czech Language, Czech Lessons at Local Lingo, Czech at UCLA, Czech at Ethnologue, Gustav pro jazyk českýCz, SlovoDneCz (Fred's Czech Mate - section in English)
Grammars: at Bohemica ( Pronunciation, Spelling), pronunciation
Institutions: CKL, ÚFAL, ÚTKL, ÚCNK
Rest: Czech on Language links, Czech on computersCz, Czech at WWW pagesCz, Czech - English Translation Problems, Czech keyboard layout,
How not to do a translator: Langsoft, tranexp